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Pennsylvanian Communications

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Hello Again,

We have our First Telecommunications set up for Wednesday 16th 2018 at 8 PM.

We have a new Pennsylvania Assembly Teleconference Call number;

Our first call-in will be Wednesday evening, May 16, of 2018, at 8 PM
641-715-0857 Call in Number
945357# Participant number

If you desire to send private notice to anybody, sign in to the Forum
on the web-site. We can not send you any messages unless you are active on the web-site.

Again; the process is as follows;

1. read Bivens decision three times
2. Role Call; Role call will be the calling out by county
3. Minutes; first previous minutes are read or acknowledged and asked if there are any corrections.. then voted on to accept or reject
4. Old Business
5. New business
6. General discussion
7. scheduling of next meeting, all agreed
8. motion to dismiss, voted upon

For further info about the agenda for the meeting go here to the Forum on the web-site

Any new ideas or info can be posted here
any Private info can be posted here under private..

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