last night, on NAT. Assembly call

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last night, on NAT. Assembly call

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Re: last night, on NAT. Assembly call

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I posted about that call somewhere already but I cannot find where it was. So I am going to do it again here. That was the most disorganized call I have listened to so far. The instructions for the call are listed very clear with the phone number to call in with; First hour is business, second hour is Q&A.

It is sad to say but truth is if people have trouble following instructions on a simple phone call, how does anybody ever expect to make it anywhere as a national assembly? Disrespectful, rude, not paying attention not following instructions, etc. Until you get more than 350 people and figure out a better calling system, i’m sorry to say but this is never going to work. The only people you are going to take down are the people that are trying to start a National Assembly.
Having speakers on a national assembly call talking about having millions of dollars to use for whatever they want to, just because, is not very encouraging for those of us that do not have anything close to that. People with that kind of money have nothing to worry about. They can correct their status and live out their life with no worries. I don’t have that luxury. I’m living paycheck to paycheck.

I wish there was an easily, laid out description for us to follow to be able to discharge our debts. But there is not. There is a basic generalized outline on how to do this.

First there was, and now according to what we are being told it doesn’t work now because of the bankruptcy.
I do not feel like spending a lot of time in their court fighting them. In March, when my school loans become active again and I am required to start paying on the $70,000 loans, for which I received no job leads, I’m gonna be in trouble because those payments are more than my house payment. As a matter of fact. they are almost as much as my house payment and car payment put together. I will be 55 years old this year. I have no savings but that was my own fault. Sir tournament for me will never be an option because there’s no money to retire on and I am not going to depend on the government to support me, a non-citizen national.

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