Fbi vs. Protonmail

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Fbi vs. Protonmail

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Re: Fbi vs. Protonmail

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Not surprising. This always happens. Take someone else's word that something is private and secure like Proton Mail, Telegram, Hush Mail, or any other program that people believe is secure, then ya get bitten!
This is why I like to create and host my own in-house system! There is nothing more secure than that for which you have absolute ownership and control over! This is why I have national-assembly.net on a DEDICATED server for which I have sole access to! I host my own email! I host my own platforms! Nobody can get their sticky fingers on the information I possess unless I allow it! And "they" are not going to get it! :lol:
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Re: Fbi vs. Protonmail

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Is this similar to the emails I receive from friends that are formatted like this? “friendsname.theirlastname”? Then I can chat with them how to set one up here

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Re: Fbi vs. Protonmail

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I don't know but Gorka is a Plant, he is a Neo-Con clown that's all this loser is. I stopped listening to him when the Ukraine garbage rolled out and he started beating up on callers...He started using authority arguments, you know who I am BS and even fanned not knowing what "POKE The Bear" means.. Done.. Gorka gone, liar


Now they might be lying but after Gorka , he has motives and after his string of daily shows talking trash I started doing some checks on him and yup he's a plant like a lot of the rest....

Watch out for Levin as well, Mr Lets do a States Convention,, Blah....

PS Proton, they did help with some Swiss investigation so they ain't so clean themselves...

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