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What exactly is in "Your Name"

Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2019 10:42 am
by APoG_Eliyahu-ben-Yahuah-Elohim

I've gotten some hints as to how to deal with this... maze of money laundering.

one method by EEON,
attached is another method, and a third can be found at in a paid package to turn your strawman into an international free church US National with State National status. Every one of these involves "Doing Business" despite the Biblical Laws against partaking of the commerce and practices of foreign nations (which Israel got wiped out many times for doing, so it is *definitely* a no-no for those Baptized and Ordained).
The third method requires you do to your own paperwork on a large scale, chasing down everything and dealing with it one by one. I recommend, based on testimony of others, rescinding everything you did not expressly sign, declaring that your silence is never consent or agreement or acquiescence, and making note that every signature you rendered is "as an agent" and "as beneficiary" and anything else you need to add.