People of America Make Declaration of Emergency

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People of America Make Declaration of Emergency

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Since governments are instituted among men and derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, it is our required duty as a free, informed people, when imminent and sure danger is present and growing, we are to declare a National Emergency, county by county to warn the American People to a call for lawful action, remedy and preparation.
1. THE BANKING SYSTEM and its failed policy for over 100 years has resulted in our dollar being devalued by 96%, since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 and consequently has empowered and weaponized a hostile, elite class of financial power against the interest of the common people of America.
2. U.S. MILITARY POLICY has pursued an unconstitutional path of endless wars for decades and has been weaponized against the interest of our people and peace is unstable due to their actions. The financial cost has risen for decades and now trillions of tax dollars are missing from the Pentagon budget unaccounted for. The Military Industrial Complex is a threat to the world, 22 veteran suicides per day in America is a result of this failed policy.
3. THE COURTS AND LEGAL SYSTEM have long been corrupted and counterfeited, thereby acts of theft have occurred at the highest levels of our government by a negligent and criminal congress, executive and judiciary. This theft of law and justice has left the common man or woman of America, a very distant, if not impossible, due process or redress of our grievances. This is an immediate national security threat.
4. BORDERS AND IMMIGRATION POLICY have been ignored for decades resulting in a mass invasion and change of political character and its associated partisan influences causing unbalanced conditions which are hostile to traditional American values and life. This constitutes a gross act of dereliction of duty and careless liability to the American people by burdening our states and county governments with severe social liabilities.
5. FREEDOM OF SPEECH for average and common Americans, has been threatened and infringed upon for decades by a complacent, hostile, big corporate media. And now with the birth of the internet the powerful tech giants have colluded in an effort to silence, confuse and obfuscate the voices of the people in their noble efforts of redress of grievances. A silent and complacent congress has facilitated this grave situation.
6. EDUCATION in America has become an embarrassing failure for decades on the world stage and our position in academic standing has gone from top positions to currently at or near the bottom of industrialized nations. Since it is very evident that any people who are self-governed must be literate and educated, this situation is an immediate threat to our lives, liberty and pursuit of happiness now and into the future.
7. ELECTION SYSTEM and its process for decades, has become a massive failure due to a silent and complacent congress and our cooperative county officials. The voting machines being used, have been found to have secret agreements between government and manufacturers regarding internal software access which determines vote counts. This is unacceptable and is a direct threat to freedom and honesty in elections.
8. HEALTHCARE SYSTEM failure has resulted in the destruction of many lives, families and caused the bankruptcy of a multitude of individuals nationwide. This situation has created a very vulnerable society with future long-term adverse ramifications and constitutes an immediate national security threat to our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. A complacent and negligent congress is the responsible culprit.
9. OUR NATIONAL DEBT of 22 trillion dollars is a glaring example and sure indictment of a criminal congress representing a political culture of excess and greed. The interest alone on this debt will soon become unsustainable and destructive to future generations of Americans to come. This fiscal depravity is an immediate national security threat to our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. The total debt of unfunded mandates and liabilities at this time is nearing over $200 trillion dollars.
10. OUR ENVIRONMENT of the United States has been repeatedly polluted and is under a direct and immediate threat nationwide due to a detrimental congressional policy being purchased by big corporate interest and their profits. Communities nationwide have discovered their water and skies to be severely polluted and strange spraying practices of geo-engineering by large jets resulting in the creation of chemical trails, and soon dangerous 5G wireless energy will invade our very homes and our bodies. This pattern of government secrecy and irresponsibility is an immediate threat to our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness that must be accounted for immediately.
11. OUR DRUG EPIDEMIC in America is an immediate emergency and has resulted in over 47,000 deaths per year, and equal families destroyed and injured severely due to a criminal drug industry facilitated by a complacent and negligent congress purchased by this same drug industry. This situation is an immediate national security threat and emergency that demands accountability and elimination.
12. OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT POLICY has resulted in Policing for Profits and has created the largest incarcerated society in the history of the world. The system of policing has been weaponized and resulted in the killing of thousands of innocent and unarmed people. This burdensome system of policing is a threat and liability to the American people and must be stopped. The resulting abuses of individuals has disproportionately affected inner city poor and black minorities in the most adverse and extreme ways. This situation is a direct threat to our national unity and is an immediate threat to our national security. This modern threat has even resulted in the disruption of the NFL due to concerned activist players.
13. THE CRIME OF 9/11 INVESTIGATION is a crime in itself, due to cover ups and government obfuscation and conspiracy. The legal system and congress have ignored the demands of 3000 professional engineers and architects calling for a new domestic criminal investigation for over 13 years until now. The justice department finally has agreed to empanel a federal grand jury in the Southern district of New York to investigate the criminal evidence and the resulting treasonous accusations by 3000 qualified engineers and architects with additionally, over 250 high ranking military officers giving public testimony to the same evidence of government conspiracy to this crime of 9/11. Intelligence agents from CIA, NSA and FBI, are also coming forward and blowing the whistle on this treasonous crime of 9/11. It is absolutely a mandate for this grand jury to become national public knowledge to insure transparency and accountability to the American people. The current counterfeit media structures and government administrations have mysteriously and suspiciously remained silent on this historic federal grand jury investigation. This silence must change immediately!
14. SPIRITUAL AND MORAL DEPRAVITY is sweeping our once great and benevolent nation to a degree that threatens our success and unity. In our beginning, the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, was enacted by the founders for our advisement to forever encourage religion and morality in our governance, society and the instruction of our youth in schools. For our nation to continue and succeed, we must humble ourselves and reflect on our spiritual demise to call upon the Creator of heaven and earth, for His providential assistance and perpetual intervention.
15. CONTINUITY OF GOVERNANCE must be protected and insured by our united grassroots collaboration in our perspective counties, where we know and understand self-governance the best. A county by county structure of we the People is needed to provide decision support for self-governance, since our leaders of the past have proven to be untrustworthy and incompetent.
16. AMERICAN ASSASSINATIONS: There have been three particular assassinations of which are John F Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr., that have never fully been investigated and at this time, the families of the three victims are now collaborating to demand new and thorough, definitive remedy to these tragic domestic crimes of treasonous murder. We The People in unity with these families, demand the same and final adjudication to these suspicious crimes. We demand justice!
17. U.S. GOVERNMENT ACTS OF TREASON AND MURDER: In the last 75 years, there have been several suspicious actions taken by the United States government and we the people having Declared a State of National Emergency, now demand a thorough new investigation into the following tragic events:
• The Indian Massacre at Wounded Knee remains an example of government abuse upon a native people that demands attention and remedy.
• The attack on Pearl Harbor and the prior knowledge and warning that was ignored.
• The Gulf of Tonkin false flag event that propelled the United States into the Vietnam War falsely.
• The attack on the USS Liberty by Israel.
• The government murder of Vicky Weaver at Ruby Ridge
• The bombing at Oklahoma City.
• The attack and massacre of 80 Americans at the Branch Davidian Church in Waco, Texas.
• The TWA Flight 800 remains a suspicious event that demands a full and complete investigation since over 100 people witnessed a flare like object traveling skyward toward the aircraft.
• The suspicious and tragic crash of John F Kennedy, Jr. demands a new and thorough investigation into the conflicting evidence that manifested days and months later.
• The attack and bombing on 9/11 at The World Trade Center and Pentagon have become the crime of the century which facilitated the theft of our freedoms and changed the world more than any other recent event, resulting in numerous wars and over 1.5 million dead civilians in the middle east. The crime of 9/11 is the most transformative and important issue of our day and demands our immediate and definitive resolution. Visit to see military officers, CIA, FBI and NSA agents exposing the DEEPSTATEs role in 911.
• Bill Cooper, a retired Air Force and Navy intelligence officer, predicted the crime of 9/11 months before and was suspiciously killed on November 5, 2001, only two months after the event. This sinister death demands a new investigation.
• Investigate the FBI cover up of 9/11 and the congressional ignorance and denial of treason of 9/11
• Investigate the numerous mass shootings for the evidence of being false flag events designed to give cause to take American’s guns.

Create sovereign, independent committees and assemblies of We The People in all counties and communities in every state to facilitate and insure proper continuity of virtuous and accountable governance to investigate and hold accountable all crimes of treason and their perpetrators to the fullest extent of the law. However, punishment by death being too easy for the guilty; but rather a life sentence will be pursued with a public display of the traitors in a mobile jail cell traveling throughout all 50 states being used as an example and warning to our nation and the world as to how government leaders should never act. Immediate reform and restoration will be mandated for our Public Fool System and a National Holiday Of Warning should be encouraged to remember how close to destruction our nation came and why and by whom. This National Emergency to be declared June 15, 2019, in Boca Grande, Florida, on the 804th anniversary of Magna Carta, June 15, 1215.

In collaboration with truth and justice of We the Concerned People on this day June 13, 2019,
We are sincerely,
Mr. Jack Hammer – A political demolition expert and Advocate for We The People of the United States of America
Mr. Bird Dog – A Pointer of National Intelligence for We The People
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