All need to see this. The "Beast" has morphed

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All need to see this. The "Beast" has morphed

Post by Ron »

This was debuted in February 2018 in Las Vegas A.I. convention by I.B.M.
Jason Goodman and Quinn Martin exposed this to the world with their video from the convention and was told generally how it works.
This article confirms everything they were told.
Problem is this is entry level blockchain technology to eventually hold and control all assets world wide by Artificial Intelligence of its own decision......And - It is now housed in China......(supposedly)
The "Beast"has morphed again.....
Pray earnestly for your understanding as to what this means and how it will effect you.....

kb hees
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Re: All need to see this. The "Beast" has morphed

Post by kb hees »

I have been wondering about this ... I have followed some of JG & Quinn M's videos ...
Do you think this is the Quantum System that is to hold the Quantum Financial System that is being discussed ...??
What does this mean to you & what effect do you foresee coming your way??
If you don't mind sharing your thoughts ...

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