Ohio Assembly State Settlement Covent (Ohio state)

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Ohio Assembly State Settlement Covent (Ohio state)

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We the sovereign people living on the land in Ohio State, a Free and Independent state, in order to live together in harmony under common law of the Almighty Creator, to facilitate the avoidance of disputes; to facilitate the quick settlement of disputes which might arise; to provide for organized defense of life, liberty, and private property; to protect and administer public property for the benefit of the inhabitants; and to make certain limited agreements with other settlements of sovereign people for mutual benefit, ordain common accord and recognition the following:
Date: June 2, 2020
COMES NOW, inhabitants of Ohio State by ABSOLUTE WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS, and with absolute resolve rebut all corporate authority!
County Settlement Covenant in all 88 Counties
Original Assembly and Library of Records on date: 2 June 2020.
Gives this State Settlement Announcement
Ohio State Settlement Covenant; and in harmony with all eighty eight counties we find.
Article One
By Almighty God granting us Freedom: By unanimous decree the Local people(s) in Local Peaceable Lawful Assembly; in Settlement Covenant in Ohio, a Free and Independent state, a member Free and Independent States with other free and independent States all known as Republic for the united states for America;
Section1 - Local people in Family of Man and Woman center in Almighty God live on Local-land and use Way-land in People Jurisdiction in Grace affirmed by the authority of the Unanimous Declaration of Independence, Cir. 1776 and Bill of Right Articles, the 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th c. 1787-1871 and beyond; beyond the reach of predator others; and also affirmed by c. 1802 Ohio Constitution and the Covenant of Ohio, a Free and Independent state. c 2020.
This entire document may be viewed at Ohio General Assembly records Librarian during assembly meeting.
Notice to the Principal is notice to the Agent and Notice to the Agent is Notice to the Principal!
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