Blank Sample Letter of Commitment and Instructions

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Blank Sample Letter of Commitment and Instructions

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In order to establish our land jurisdiction counties we need thirty man and/or woman acting in their capacity as man or woman to notify us that he or she wishes to be counted as one of the thirty;

the following is a sample letter that you can use to let us know you, the man, are one of us;

you can either send a hand written letter or simply email one; we encourage you to compose your own letter which at minimum tells the reader that you wish to be counted as one of the committed assemblyman (as in the sample letter's first paragraph);

if the wording is odd for you, change it until you are comfortable it--just be clear that you are writing as either 'man' or 'woman'

if you have any questions whatsoever send me an email--please;

Sample Letter of Commitment

Alaska Jural Assembly
in care of Rensel
Southeast Fairbanks County Alaska

Dear Man and Woman of the Alaska Jural Assembly:

i, a man, write to you the man and woman of the Alaska Jural Assembly (AJA) to express my wish to be counted in your numbers as one of thirty man and woman now assembled in Alaska; i understand that the purpose of AJA is to organize our land jurisdiction counties (unincorporated) upon the land and soil of Alaska;

i have been meeting with you since (approx date); i am self-governing; my proper status is: non-citizen Alaska national;

i have recorded this status upon the land record of the fourth recording district; copies of my declaration of lawful status are enclosed; (optional)

i look forward to working with you;

By: (autograph in bright blue ink, sealed in red ink through the right end of the autograph)

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