Communication isn't just talking

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Communication isn't just talking

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Communication is how we share our thoughts, feelings, concerns, understanding and intent. When 2 or more people come together, it is one of the ways we share ourselves with others and come to an agreement within a Jury formation. Communication isn't just talking but an act of hearing and listening as well. We can listen from a place of fear or peace, a place of ego or humility, and a place experience or ignorance.
I am thinking about how important it is in this Jural Assembly to listen from a pure heart, without pre-conceived ideas or judgements, as we grow and educate people on the assembly.
I ask myself after i communicate with someone, did they hear a word I said, and understand my meaning? Did I listen to what that individual said or was I thinking about what I could say next? Did I have no-judgement about their experience or ideas. Am I resistant or open? Is my ego in the way?
I am believing this is a practice ground for the real deal of sitting on a jury pane.
I am hoping with this common propose of righting this ship called the nature law in the United States, which is vital for liberty, we can communicate with our mouth, ears, hands and heart.

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