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Our world is changing and our paradigm may be shifting dramatically sooner than we think. Consider the possibility that what might happen in our future may be very different than what we expect based on history.

The world has many problems however those problems also have solutions.
We now have the technology to successfully turn our world of 7 billion people into a paradise. This new age is part of this paradigm shift and I am grateful for the time we are now living in, and to be a part of the positive future we are heading into.

Corruption has changed our ways of doing things. Consciousness is changing and moving toward peace, prosperity and freedom. The old ways are no longer working. More and more, people are waking up and no longer choosing to serve the old system.

With a less than 14% approval rating there is no doubt to most Americans that our politicians, once in office, are not acting in ways that voters expect.
Is it be possible that most of the members of Congress have no idea how the government of the United States is supposed to work. Do they have any knowledge of how the government bookkeeping and accounting system is supposed to work, aside from knowing how to "appropriate" money? In the western world, do elected officials understand where the so called money comes from, how it was created, or anything else about it? Congress, after all, has the singular task of holding the purse-strings, and they have apparently failed to act with knowledge about the nature of our financial system.
It is easy to find fault and place blame on those representing us, however we can take responsibility for our complacency and for not being more involved in compelling our elected officials to be accountable for what they promise. This lack of awareness on our part has contributed to the intolerable conditions we are all facing today. The American people are fed up and are now taking a stand for real change. We can thank some politicians for helping to bring us to this point where we are waking up and demanding new governance.
Where do we go from here? We all know many of our congressional representatives have failed us for their self interests and self gain. It takes courage to do what is right, despite the temptation to take the easy road once elected. If the current administration cannot “drain the swamp as promised, then we, the people, must take positive action.
The Founding Fathers would be appalled if they saw how destructive the government of this nation had become to the liberty of the people. They were a revolutionary group, diverse in their professions and yet unified in their goal: American liberty, and they risked everything to insure our independence.

They understood that the citizens should have a say in their government and that the government only derives its legitimate power from the consent of the governed.

This is where our current political system is failing. Many Americans today feel like our representatives are not paying attention to what the people of this country really need. As representatives of the people they should never have allowed our manufacturing jobs to be sent overseas, our water and air to be polluted by industries, having technologies be suppressed for the benefit of corporations that provide them with campaign contributions. Imagine how much more advanced our society might be now, if they just listened to what people really want and need and followed through on that and what is simply best for humanity and the planet. Once in office they seem to work for their corporate sponsors rather than the people they are supposed to be working for.

Imagine for a moment that a group of citizens were to sit down at a very long U- shaped table with the Founding Fathers present and we filled them in on what had taken place since the Constitution and the Bill of rights were written.

Thomas Jefferson might stand up and say, “What you have today is the same kind of tyranny we had when we broke away from England and the King. When tyranny exists in government it is time for We The People, that means You, to get up off your couches and do something about it.

Patrick Henry might stand up and say, “To doing nothing would be an unparalleled betrayal of all that is good and right. You all deserve a better future than what your elected representatives have delivered to you. Your patience and tolerance for those who have perverted the very necessary and basic foundations of society has been pushed to insufferable levels.
Andrew Jackson might step up to say, “Bankers and attorneys have historically been your worst enemies when their minds have proven, for the most part, to be service to self. All those who have done wrong will be held accountable. I see it coming. The United States created a dreadful problem in 1913 when it transferred its sovereign rights to a small group of private bankers who have created inestimable loss and heartache for the American people. The only remedy is to shut the Federal Reserve down and start over again with a publicly-owned state bank in each state of the union.
George Washington might stand and say, “It is time for those of you strong enough in your principles and willing to come together with other like minded folks to take a stand as a jural assembly of state citizens to hold your representatives accountable for their actions. It’s also time for the Generals to do what they should have done in 1865: assist in restoring the lawful American government and guaranteeing the unimpaired elections that the states and the people of this country are owed.
Benjamin Franklin might stand and say, “I might add that your system of government depends upon delegation of power from the living people to the local government structures which may be described as parishes in Louisiana, townships in Maine, or counties in Montana. All these primary local government structures are of paramount importance in delivery of the services and protections that the people of this country are owed, and also as instruments of the peace and rightful control of resources entrusted to your public elected officials and employees. As such, in your system of governance, local government must hold the most power, not the least, and is closest to the inherent power of the people giving rise to all government. It is up to all Americans to remember that and fight to get it back.
Sam Adams might stand and say, “creating your future ahead will take time. Quite literally, but like any good architect, you can carefully map out and plan what you want the world to look like around you. Join your jural assemblies and be a part of making change happen.
If you use your time for good, if you nurture, cultivate, and create more positivity in this world and do what is best for all of humanity then I think you will create a future you will be proud to live in.

Thomas Paine might stand up and say, Those of you who have “got the picture” and are pledged to hold the high torch of freedom in honor of those who died, are fighting a rearguard action here. We can only hope and pray that it isn’t too late.

So there you have it. For over a hundred years we have endured an unhealthy practice of pretending that we have a normal course of business in this country, when in fact no such normal course of business has existed in all that time. This is a call for action for those who want to make a difference right now.
We are the makers of government and it is our purported right to change it as we see fit, to remove oppressive behavior and reclaim what has been told to us is our rightful form of government and to "enact and implement" controls that are meaningful on all the public servants whether federal or state.

There are groups today that intend to bring back the grand jury and the Constitution for the united States of America. Some are educational, some are instructional, some are political. Only one is political in the most fundamental, organic sense in embracing the power of “We The People” in assembly and the original united States Constitution of 1789 and mankind's Bill of Rights of 1791; That is the Michigan General Jural Assembly.

Time is important and time is short, but time is not to be considered an impediment.The re-assembly of our nation can happen and we can all work together
to accomplish the reclaiming of our nation but it can only happen with (1) each state working to re-assemble their own state and (2) committing to the action step of re-seating their national body politic. These actions can be defined and completed with the assistance of each state working together with the focus on re-assembling the Republic form of governance in each state.

We have assembled here in Washington State as a jural assembly to return our Nation to its original design according to the true belief and intention of the free people under the Articles of Confederation, the original Constitution for the united states of America, the Declaration of Independence, the Northwest Ordinance, and the Bill of Rights, whereby we are a nation of the people, by the people and for the people.

People not only from this country and humanity as a whole desire the situation we all face to improve and it is this mass desire of consciousness to change for a better world that has brought on this movement at this time in our history.
People from this country are forming jural assemblies within their counties to discuss the issues we are facing, to assemble and to become organized, and to hold our elected officials accountable. We have much to discuss to bring you up to speed. If you would like to participate in our discussions within our jural assembly and make change happen, we welcome you to join us.

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thanks Randy, trying to get organized in Tennessee, glenn

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Looks good Randy. I am putting together a flyer to send out in my state to try and get people involved and will use this for reference. I am thinking of something shorter and to the point, asking a few questions to spark interest and pushing them toward the National Assembly. Thanks

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Jural Assembly Call To Action

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Excellent presentation of viewpoints , Thank You
Recommendation: of Rights by Law for the People
Good bless you all

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