AGJA to National Assembly 6/18/2020

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AGJA to National Assembly 6/18/2020

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I am the coordinator of the AGJA and I have been since April of 2018.

The history of the Arkansas Assembly has been interrupted and disturbed by the continual interference of the Communication Secretary since his return from his two month trip to prison.

This interference includes his confiscation of our website, his destruction of our minutes posted on that website in 2018, his sending of a letter from Elizabeth to my assembly members in 2019 and his promotion of Elizabeth as the so called new coordinator, as well as Elizabeth, who together with Destry have trespassed Arkansas by appointing her to such position, over posting the Arkansas forum in her promotion of herself.

Through collusion, Destry and Elizabeth have sabotaged the Arkansas Assembly, and by their appointment of Elizabeth, and their starting of a second assembly, have violated:
Mullane vs Central Hanover Trust
Due Process Notification
constituting wire fraud

The National Assembly, through it's support of such actionable offense, has encouraged one upmanship, division and competition rather than cooperation.

This exigency of power moves falls significantly beneath my level of Integrity.

Without integrity, without cooperation, and without ethics, there is no winning and no winner.

If we cannot send the people we recruit to the National Assembly website for information and education because they may be hijacked into a sub assembly, this organization cannot serve us.

My last two messages to Linda seem to be stuck in the outbox, so there is no confidence of communication within this organization.

Therefore, the members of the AGJA have elected unanimously to divorce ourselves from Destry, Elizabeth and the National Assembly.

I deeply regret that we can no longer associate with the good patriots I have been acquainted with in the National Assembly, and please know that the line of communication between us is always open.

I remain the only legitimate coordinator and organizer of the AGJA,

Arkansas Nation=State

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