Kern County Californian

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Kern County Californian

Post by MollieP »

Hello! I'm watching a woman (Reba, maybe) discuss these possibilities and hidden paths, back to our freedom on and am amazed, never having heard of any of this. I'd love to be in contact with like minded people in Kern County. Thanks!

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Re: Kern County Californian

Post by JackVictory »

Hello MollieP,

California is holding a Sunday conference call weekly. If you can email me at I can get you the number to call in to.

- Matt
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Re: Kern County Californian

Post by sstrykert »

Also in 10 minutes we have our National Assembly conference call, be sure to get in on that! Here's the info!

The National Assembly Thursday night conference call is highly advised to call into.
It is from 6PM-8PM Pacific Time normally, w/ business handled 1st(after a reading of the Biven's Decision&role call), motions handled, training, and then a q&a session. The call up until q&a is recorded and archived with free conference so one can always go back to the material(s). The Q&A allows you to probe the minds of the older assembly members, find your assembly officers, or get updates on what's going on cross country with patriots. The main issue though is to focus on assembly building....The Phone number follows:

National Assembly weekly phone call #
1 712-770-4160
Password # 226823(press # after)

i literally just cut and pasted this :)

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