Intel report 3 Dec 2020

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Rodger Dowdell
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Intel report 3 Dec 2020

Post by Rodger Dowdell »

From a trusted Republican source pretty high up ( Has Don Jr number on speed dial):

No question, we’re on the verge of economic shitstorm made more dangerous by a political scene unlike any in our modern history.
Physical Au and Ag!

Lunatic Left mobs will start rioting on or about
13 Dec.
and be in full swing through most of Jan.
Mobs specifically targeting suburbs, not just City centers.

Distruptions in Supply Chains, Food Shortages, and disruptions to Internet services.

Some infamous Deep Staters to get arrested for TREASON, starting next mo.
GITMO prepping for a series of Tribunals (which have already started).

Trump may have to be sworn in aboard AFO to avoid riot torn DC.

Use the next 10 days wisely, prepare as if a series of major Hurricanes were guaranteed to strike your region.

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Re: Intel report 3 Dec 2020

Post by JackVictory »

How long should the preperations be at the minimum for the duration of this/these disruptions? To the best of your ability to calculate the approximate length or their suggested amount of time.

- Matt
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