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My name is Kirk, I'm the owner of KIRKS LAW CORNER LLC and an Idaho Notary Public, I live in Boise and wanting to get things rolling for Idaho.

I have been studying Law and the History of Law over the last 27 years. I have been doing live videos since Jan. 2017. I have a lot of followers and think I could bring people together from all over to do this.

I will attend the Thursday Night call to see if I can make some contacts. I do believe I can get 30 people to come together to set up our State Assembly. I knew Anna was a fraud. I am so glad I never did any of her paperwork. Things just didn't add up and she had a hard time answering my questions. She even wrote a published letter to me saying that she thought I was quite knowledgeable and wished I would join her.

p.s. I found Carl Millers videos around 2012. I was hoping to find your group "Blue Book" someday.

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Welcome! Lets get it done!
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