Indiana National Assembly

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Indiana National Assembly

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hello my name is Bryon Hennon. i am making this post to make everyone aware that Indiana will now and continue to be an active part of the National Assembly. If you have Questions or inquiries please direct them to my E-Mail at It s time us Hoosiers get on board and start taking back our state. We saw how corrupt this last gubernatorial race was. We cannot allow something of this nature to take place in Indiana ever again. We need all Hoosiers to stand with the rest of the 50 states and take back our Sovereignty to from an the clutches of the tyrannical state and federal actors who have lost touch with WE THE PEOPLE. WE must act now, for if we wait till they are at our doorsteps then we have already lost the fight. The National Assembly is the Constitutionally Correct way to bring change to our nation. And we need every able bodied Hoosier that loves freedom and this Once great nation. To take action. Our children's futures our depending on the decisions we make today. What say you my fellow countrymen and woman, will you take the call to action? For your state, and your Republic need you.

Bryon M Hennon
Ind, Rep for the National Assembly

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