Hello Nevada!

Please feel free to introduce yourselves here. If you are not a member, you may ask to become a member of this state's assembly.
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Hello Nevada!

Post by newday »

...anyone there?

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Re: Hello Nevada!

Post by bunnywrangler »

Hello!! Las Vegas here... :D

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Re: Hello Nevada!

Post by ZenLadie »

I am here, and also new to all of this.
I'm in the Clark County region the NW area of the city.
I've been learning about the truth for awhile now, and finally going through the process of correcting ones status. Just in the beginning of this, and appreciate the guidance, and wisdom from others. I have not found one to relate to about this nor family neither friends understand what I speak of. I have to follow my heart, and hopefully loved ones around me will see, and wake up for them self. The lies that have been deceiving us.
My email is ZenLadie@gmail.com for any that want to connect.
Can't wait to join my first phone conference next week!

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Re: Hello Nevada!

Post by Dawgjeff »

Hi I would like to network with you I am in both California and Nevada, Sparks area . dawgjeff@hotmail.com

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Re: Hello Nevada!

Post by ladyblueeyes »

Hello to all,

I am also new to this. I live in Carson City and have had much trouble finding people to stand up for anything in our state. I do have a few that will be involved, but I would like to find many in my area. Will do whatever I can to get the people in Northern Nevada to begin to stand up for themselves as Nevadan's and Americans.

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I am Here

Post by paulfederico »

I am Here, who am I. I am in Nevada and I've known about so much of this for many years, but I could not see or wasn't aware of how to get this all settled.
Thanks to Others, more clever than I, we have a way now and I have been moving quickly to get this all settled and Assembled asap.
I do not feel comfortable with what is going on. The desperation I am seeing and hearing, is generating something I have been fearing and I will not let either continue or to happen, We are Stronger as long as We Stand Together and Wake the Heck up.
We have a forgotten Our Collective ability to hit the brakes and I am doing my best to spread that Word, to only Those that will Stand.
I've already have contacts in the North, as myself am in Clark County, I found a trusted and very motivated set of People in the Northern-center of the State already.
Anyone that is out there, that is not a Sunny day Patriot and fully understands and grasps what we will sacrifice for Our Future please don't hesitate and send me a message, we Will meet.

Trust Me, Telling People that there is a forgotten DUTY we have always had is a tough thing to do but whatever the personal cost, I press on...
Don't stick with those of just your similar type, as that is not the way the Founders did All of this, its WE, not just some of Us and with such a low response, don't hesitate to open a Persons eyes, when you see that glimmer...
I have attended the weekly National meetings. I'm not sure if my response to the Here is being heard as I work Swing shift and am at work participating as best I can.
So start with the National call, say here and send me a message here or at my secure email...

PS the other emails are by no means secure...go check out proton email and if you use it only use it for the most important of things..
PPS We need to deliver Hope and a Way, a Way the Founder gave to All of Us, we just forgot.

Have a Great Day All and never miss the chance to make a memory..

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