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Who am I

Post by paulfederico »

The Question or Title of this would be more appropriately stated, who are you and why should I trust you or listen to you..

Good point to start, it is because this is a one sided interview, because whatever i post will steady you or make you bolt off.

First what a person does for employment does not define who they are, this isn't an evasion its a lesson Life has taught me over My Life.

When people meet me outside of my work clothes, they always ask so what do you do for a living and when I tell them I hear more often than Not, "don't take this the wrong way, but", that when I interject and say its ok I know what you were going to say and I am not typical for a Heavy Duty Repairman Oiler .

Yup that my career and I mean career, 30years and I'm pretty good at it, another 30 and I'll say I very good.

My Job affords me a lot of alone and quiet times, so I've not spent those years foolishly, I've used that time to educate myself beyond my presumed position in Life. I tell people yeap that's a Library card on my keys, because the Library is there for those of us that can't attend a College. And I mean that, it was Franklin and the Other Founders that believed the same thing.

Ok more about Me...
I was born in the New England area and spend my formative years of My Life there and I mean that place fashioned my ideas of the way I thought of the World.
I knew things weren't right before anyone saw it.
I never felt for the "Lie" , the Lie of this Nation being fed to me everywhere I looked, don't know why but it never really took hold.

Military and Police Kid, street smart and smart with a nice IQ to match, but none of that really explains who I am, just what lesson I was exposed to, I guess.

I'm here in Nevada now, that story in short was to get that Life I felt was out there, a free Life. Nevada back then was just that, here You either fell or Stood on your own merit, no social safety nets to help enable person with faults to crack They destiny into pieces... I Stood and prospered.

I met people in the beginning of this Nevada Life that also knew something was wrong, but with no real answers, so I listened and found the Law Library's and I found History.
Now I always appreciated History, almost to a fault, being raised in New England you tend to learn about what the Founders did, but out here I learned what they lost and sacrificed for nothing, but to be Free.

I learned of what Struggles hit them, of bureaucratic betrayals during their battles and of an indifferent un-deserving Public that kinda didn't care to lift a finger to help Them.

I hold those memories and stories inside, I share them with whoever I can when the timing is right and with my Grandchildren.

A few weeks back, I was listening to a radio show, not sure which it was or Who's show it was, but I do remember I heard the caller say ASSEMBLY.

I immediately searched and I found National and said, a few not so nice words , but I also said, someone found the way. The way all those people from 30yrs ago couldn't find, they found it...

I changed my focus from Roman History, yes I was going thought the Roman Era's and was re-reading CS Lewis, I read a lot, so I like a laser read feverishly and devoured whatever I could on National.

No crazy contracts, no crazy do this, claim that garbage, which I felt and had reasoned, years ago, was playing with Fire. Here that 7th Amendment I knew about was here, right in front of Me. A Blossom of the most beautiful color I've ever seen, its shape and color are both of Simple Freedom. And it is not just a Blossom , but a whole field of Blossoms, from Coast to Coast just waiting for Me and all the Others to pick Ours back up.

I tend to write and speak a bit much, . Let me just State this, I'm just a Man born on this land, with Freedom's fire inside me, not a spark but its' fire and my word in a measure of who I am, I have always practiced that.

I've given my word that I will Stand Alone till We can form a Group for My State of Nevada and when the time comes hopefully I can see the Day Our Assembly can add it voice to the choir of a Real National Assembly and help with the direction of Her Future of Our Nation, away from the rocks of destruction back into calm waters of Freedom.

In the beginning we aren't elected, but actions speak volumes and no one wants to stand because of Fear, well Fear is real Everyone but crazy People have fear, know this, its not the Fear the defines any of Us, it how we deal with that Fear that defines Our Lives...

So Who am I, I've used this and it Fits...
My Name is Paul and I am a Desert Yankee, i have only the best parts inside me of where I was raised and the best parts of where Home is now inside as One...

Look around and Welcome to Nevadans Assembly page, its kind of dusting here but We'll fix that Together and set the Flames of Freedoms' Beacons back bright, they've grown dime these past 150 plus years....

And Remember this, Together the Fear won't be so bad and the load is lighter when Another helps to supports the load ....

Have a Good Day make it memorable.

Paul and I am a Desert Yankee
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Re: Who am I

Post by Destry »

Greetings Paul~
I like you! I have faith you will be instrumental in reassembling the Nevada Nation=State.

“First, let no one rule your mind or body. Take special care that your thoughts remain unfettered... . Give men your ear, but not your heart. Show respect for those in power, but don't follow them blindly. Judge with logic and reason, but comment not. Consider none your superior whatever their rank or station in life. Treat all fairly, or they will seek revenge. Be careful with your money. Hold fast to your beliefs and others will listen.”
“Wise? No, I simply learned to think.”
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