Please feel free to introduce yourselves here. If you are not a member, you may ask to become a member of this state's assembly.
Use the private message system to share private phone numbers and addresses with the coordinator for your state or with the Admin of this forum.
The Admin will connect you with your state coordinator. If your state coordinator sees your introduction in this section the coordinator may contact you through the private message system or the forum email system.
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Hello! I am interested in becoming a member. Once NESARA is announced, I will need training so I will understand what my new duties as a citizen will be. You also may need people who understand NESARA to help convince others that this Act is real and will bring about permanent and lasting freedom for us all. I would like to volunteer in this endeavor.

I love our country; I love everyone who lives in our country. I am looking forward for the day when all of us can enjoy true freedom which will unleash our creativity to improve our quality of life for everyone!

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Post by rob-g:h »

i too am from the landmass commonly known as new jersey state. i see the "50 States status section" says there are 12 members hopefully we can become more active in this forum. it would great if the other members from this region could offer some guidance. my brother and i have been researching for years. it is great to see more like-minded People getting together to make a change.

just looking towards the next steps in our journey to regain our status as free inhabitants.
glad to see so many People waking up

god bless

Jayson-Harley: Burg
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Friday, May 15, 2020

Hi New Jerseyans and Fellow Freedom Seekers!

I am Jayson-Harley: Burg aka Son-Raven Liberty!

I am New Jersey's Nation-Assembly Host.

My cell number is 201-240-5351, Email:


You say you know your Constitution…

You say you understand lawmakers, their approve and pass legislation, which push the limits of the Constitution.

You say you’re tired of their results, but just don't know how get help.

People across America are re-learning the Power of the Peoples' Assembly.

I extend this invite to you to learn all the facts about the Peoples' legal and lawful right to address their government, on any level, with legitimate complaints concerning our day to day lives.

Spend 30 minutes with “u.S.”, “united States” each Tuesday Night at 7:30 PM EST. for our round table discussions on the matter.

You are invited to New Jersey State People’s Assembly Call, Tuesdays @ 7:30 PM

Your Host is Jayson-Harley: Burg aka Son-Raven: Liberty,

Without u! there is No “u.S., united States.”

Dial-in number: (712) 770-5025

Participant Code: 276860 #

Playback number:(712) 770-5081


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Flyer from Florida

Post by JSaun »


The attached
Charlotte County Assembly flyer 08-11-2020.rtf
(2.47 KiB) Downloaded 47 times
is a copy of a short, to-the-point flyer that has been created for the purpose of notifying all who are open minded about seeking a remedy for the current oppressive, totalitarian and tyrannical government. This is in response to your inquiry on the latest Thursday night call (August 13, 2020), so please let me know what you think. This flyer is formatted as a half-page notice so that two of them can be created at a time when one page is copied. I'll let the National Assembly know of its effectiveness in an upcoming Thursday conference call.

Perpetually in pursuit of true Liberty,

John Saunders
A free, independent, natural, self-reliant and self-determining American; one of the People.

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Post by Dlanders8 »

I am from the state of Texas. I live in Marion County. I am attempting to get an assembly started in Our County. I am a bit surprised I do not see more participation from Texas in this forum. How do I reach the Texas coordinator? I sense the urgency of this matter.
Communism is at our doorstep. I would appreciate any assistance from you seasoned members.
I currently have one member in my assembly, ME.

Thank you
Diane Davis Anderson
I have created a chat on telegraph, in the hope of if you build it they will come!
Marion County Texas Assembly and it is linked to TTT TEXAS Group.

The above chat got shut down by the TTTTexas group. They did not like me trying to get people here to this website.
I am on Telegraph but not real active there, under Diane Davis.
I am looking at the Republic of Texas, one nation under God.
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Post by Jules111 »

Fantastic Diane!! I am going to start sending people to your Telegram group. If you ever need to reach me, my email address is and I have a Telegram channel as well: ~ website is almost done. I have several NJ people who are interested in getting involved. THANK YOU!! :)

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Post by Jules111 »

Hi Diane, I messed up. I thought you were in NJ. I have several people in TX as well. Can you please send me an email so that I can connect you with people in your area who are interested in getting involved. My email address again is ~ we are focusing on people in America first, and then going from there. Thank you!!

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