And So it Is

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And So it Is

Post by Rrrodrigues » Thu Jul 26, 2018 2:34 pm


Since Christopher and I have met every one of the members of the Santa Fe Assembly, we have felt inspired, excited and ready to bond together and end ALL evil, at last.

We recognize that each one of us has come into this Assembly with our own unique and valuable perceptions, experiences, and talents. Our diversity is where our STRENGTH lies. Now, is the time where we can bring it all in to overcome and heal from the government de facto.

We have to understand, our society has been engineered to think, express, behave in very specific ways that are harmful to ourselves and one another, whilst sustaining counter-productivity.

This road to sovereignty is not just about becoming free of the elites corrupted mirage, or moving away from the idea of authority, it is mostly about coming into our inherent divinity as one people. We can only sustain and create a world worth living if we each choose to come from a place of distinct awareness and understanding. In sovereignty we see that we are all in this together, and reflections of one another. As it be known, we are all ONE.

When we choose to live by natural law and no longer stooped in the game of commercial law, we have taken on a civic duty to release the learned thoughts and behaviors that are toxic. There is no room for old conditioning of the commercial way. We can all be patient and hold space for old patterns, but they are ultimately on their way out. We must get past ourselves to create a life of abundance and healing for all of us on this earth, and those to come.

Each of you are magnificent, universal beings that carry the light of god so that you can grow into life.

Christopher and I intend on serving every one of you for the highest good, and for the sake of reunification of human kind.

We intend to move forward with a feeling of peace, harmony and compassion. As a result, we intend to reflect our values and intentions into our behaviors.

If, and only IF we can learn to be patient, humbled, and brave enough to step into our own vulnerability, that is when our calling will be completed on this earth. As a Sovereign we are now choosing to move forward with a responsibility for ourselves on spiritual, emotional and intellectual levels.

We will end with this,

Be as it may, we know that every one of you are following your own truth and will ultimately manifest what is it is you feel you need. Christopher and I intend on holding space for this Assembly and WILL manifest all the players who choose to move forward with the intentions that will lead all of us to safety and out of the corruption. We hope to see all of you there.

And so it is.

Thank you for your time,


Gutierrez, Christopher Paul & Howard Rodrigues, Rebecca Richelle

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Re: And So it Is

Post by birdsanctuary » Sat Jul 28, 2018 10:49 am

Here! Here!

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