Welcome to the North Dakota Dejure Assembly

Please feel free to introduce yourselves here. If you are not a member, you may ask to become a member of this state's assembly.
Use the private message system to share private phone numbers and addresses with the coordinator for your state or with the Admin of this forum.
The Admin will connect you with your state coordinator. If your state coordinator sees your introduction in this section the coordinator may contact you through the private message system or the forum email system.
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Welcome to the North Dakota Dejure Assembly

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Hello welcome to all my fellow North Dakotans....
My name is Clint and I have stepped up to help coordinate the process of assembling a North Dakota Assembly.
The official email addy is NorthDakotaDejureAssembly@protonmail.com and that will be our communications hub besides the forum here..
We are also in process of setting up a website for the North Dakota Dejure Assembly. more to come on this...
Please if there are any questions please contact me at the above addy. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
We will be starting conference calls shortly also. and will post that information in here as well as in the Telegram channel.
The Telegram channel is t.me/NorthDakotaDejureAssembly and I hope to see you all on there also, as this is excellent way to share documents and other information without limitations of email.
Thank you and once again welcome to the North Dakota Dejure Assembly...
Be in peace, God speed

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