Introduction to OK Jural

Please feel free to introduce yourselves here. If you are not a member, you may ask to become a member of this state's assembly.
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Introduction to OK Jural

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Welcome to the Oklahoma Jural Assembly.
Ron and Jamie wish to extend our invitation to join us in an effort to restore our form of Government back to the Original Constitutional form our God and Forefathers set forth for our benefit. The current Government has usurped the powers originally granted to it and have enslaved us under corporate rule of another foreign nation and powers of international collusion. We seek the Lord our God to guide us in restoring the land we stand on and the deity we truly do serve. Ron and Jamie Zerby are Native Born Oklahomans under Oklahoma Statehood Compact with deep roots in heritage and dedication to be good servants. We are not perfect and seek your help in this daunting task for all of our children and grandchildren's future lie in the result of our current actions and commitments.

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