Christopher Eric of the Cobbs

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Christopher Eric of the Cobbs

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I am still learning, as fast as a genius savant can. Some lessons take time and I have to fight through cognitive dissonance as well, which takes more time.

I'm still revising Anna's documents based on my Adoption by Covenant into the Family of Yahuah Elohim. I'm basically supposed to only ever appear as God Himself in court (because I "represent" him as a Prophet). Because reasons.

I look forward to restoring order and equity to the Oklahoma area. It will not be my primary concern.

I am known by few, and those that know me do not know me well. This is due to many factors stemming from a youth persecuted by a cabal called the Illuminati. I managed to find the Holy Spirit when I was young and was extracted from their youth program before the Rites began (I was 14). They were not happy and made that well known. Life has been very hard.

I want to kick over every idol I find. I act with great patience, restraint and kindness, keeping the Messianic Torah everywhere I go and teaching it when I can. It is the Royal Law.

I will be using a commercial entity for the purposes of all actions and interactions with every entity related to State Nationals and this website and its affiliates. It is a temporary proxy which will fall away when this age ends (and I will be all too glad to be rid of it). My commercial vessel will be perpetually presented from my flesh when I am not using Royal Law and presenting from the Spirit within me, as I am a Living Edifice of the Creator and He indwells my flesh with me.

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