Gloria in Dallas County joining. Looking for next steps.

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Gloria in Dallas County joining. Looking for next steps.

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I have found this site through intensive research to uncover our current situation with our "presumed" government. I simply could not accept that Biden had won the election. I was and am desperately looking for the truth and answers.

I originally came across Russell-Jay: Gould, who claimed to be the legal Postmaster General and head of the Supreme Court. Originally, I found his claim to be "delusional and unbelievable" at first, but it put me on this path. Does anyone know whether he is part of this movement or whether he or his claims are legitimate?

I am very afraid for my personal safety, financial well being and the security of this nation. I am extremely saddened for the future of this country. It weighs heavily on my heart. Before President Trump, I took for granted our political system. I, like many Americans, ignored politics and the political process, believing it really had no direct bearing on my life. I was not asleep, I WAS HYPNOTIZED, by the day to day efforts of my life. My research has broken the spell and I see very clearly now. I only hope that people like myself are NOT TO LATE to save this amazing country.

Can someone help me to understand what I have found with the National Assembly and its claims? I want so much for this to true but I have to see independent evidence of these claims. I am not a person of faith, but I believe a country founded on Christian principles is the most safe solution. I cannot TRUST in something I do not see for myself or confirm through tested verified methodology.

Will someone help me to put the pieces of my research together in a coherent and verifiable format? I have people I want to awaken but in order for me to present this, it must be the TRUTH.

I currently work as an accountant for a large corporation. I have extensive skills in data management, presentation creation, and organizational management. I would like to help and be a part of this movement.

Your reply is appreciated.

All the Best,


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