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Port Arthur Texas Newcomer

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 12:06 pm
by Happycat6256
Greetings with respect. I am Ronnie Cloud, Trustee of the RONNIE CLOUD TRUST and Executor for Decedent RONNIE CLOUD, Estate. I am an American National and a Native Texan residing in the Texas Republic as one of We the People. My common law Court of Record: B-180146-C Cloud v Marion et al is an Article III federal civil court of man where 3+3=6 as fact in the NOW-TIME and there are no boxes or planes to break the continuation of evidence. As there are no provisions for man in law, my interests cannot be properly represented by an Attorney or other Agent/Representative. As such, I cannot communicate with Agents or Representatives such as Judges or Clerks that only exist in the two dimensional paper world of fiction. I can only communicate with the man/woman acting as Agent or Official. All communication is to be in writing and signed by the man/woman making the offer or presentment and delivered to my third-party independent witness located at the address listed on the Trust Letterhead. Failure to respond in the manner required within the time limit prescribed will be viewed as tacit acquiescence to the claims contained in this notice and agreement to federal lien and accelerated foreclosure in the manner of the UCC Option to Accelerate at Will via United States Chapter 7 Involuntary Bankruptcy Petition against an individual. Removal of my lien requires a trial by jury.
My Oath and Declaration of Office as Private Attorney General is filed with the Clerk of the Department of Justice: 7012 1640 0000 4927 3055 which provides for the issuance of the Letter of Marque and Reprisal by Congress. This allows me to seize upon persons and property of persons immediately in what would otherwise be considered as acts of piracy in pursuit of wrongdoers that cause damage, injury or loss to the United States, the Respective States as Next Friend and First Friend to the People.
I hope this helps explain a little bit about where I am at with things. I have three district attorneys in U.S. Involuntary Bankruptcy with consecutive cases. They caused false claims to be filed against me, then they dodged the tax liability when confronted with the W-9 for the return of my withholdings/bonds. I want to see where others are and how your success is running. I have not looked at other posts yet so maybe we can get a topic fired up and see what is really going on with our rights and status.
Anyone else have trouble with non-response by officials? Or withholding factual evidence/instruction as "legal advice"? Arrested for puffing private cure? These are all issues that I have resolved and getting better by the minute. I do not sell my information. Anyone can use my templates. Making private cure smoke and odor trust property is proprietary as it is my puppy. Any detection of private cure smoke or odor brings a self-executing contract of non-disclosure and a copyright admonition. This will protect my trust in all future endeavors in that industry. That admonishment is in an APB to Jefferson County Officials when I posted Edward Mandell House and the treason evidence they cannot rebut. It is free for everyone to use. There's no need for regulation of latin lettuce. To bring private cure from a trustees pocket is to bring said private cure into the United States or the Respective State without a prescription, which is illegal. I am foreign the the State and the United States.

Have fun yall.

Re: Port Arthur Texas Newcomer

Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2019 1:43 am
My cup a tea.
How does this work form here?
I am a son of God not of this World.
I am also an American National and I believe iron sharpens iron in this World.