UCC issues

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UCC issues

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I've had a back and forth for over a month about the UCC and regulations and such. I've been fighting hard against Cognitive Dissonance the whole time. I've been at this for about 4 months of actual research so I'm still struggling with the basics. I figured out that you want to study word particles first though so you comprehend the lingo being used, even if you've never heard it before.

I deal with challenges like these in various threads:

I need some straight answers. Ag lien, UCC or nonUCC... I sent the letter and BC to the US Treasury a month ago! I got stuck here!

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Re: UCC issues

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I have a UCC-1, 1-A, and 3 UCC 3's, two of which are monetary liens against two different financial institutions, my first UCC-3 has a complete listing of all assets to include all bank and financial accounts, home, property, automobiles, licenses and I have an addendum for my wife as SPC of here legal estate debtor. I have enough paperwork recorded at the local. state, and federal level to choke a dinosaur but in reality doesn't mean a hill of beans if you don't have the guts to stand and back it all up. You can have all the documents in the world recorded but still create joinder or contract with them by actions, spoken words and or deeds.

This is the list I have recorded:

AFFIDAVIT OF TITLE DECLARATION OF STATUS- this was my first document when I was starting out and didn't know a lot, the initial panic of awakening and wanting to take action.

DBA-FICTITIOUS NAME , recorded at the state level.

ADDENDUM AND AMENDMENT TO AFFIDAIT- this was and addition and better defining of my first affidavit, this contained the "Act of Expatriation","Amendment to Declaration of Status", "Common-Law Copyright of Trade name and Trade mark", "a Correction of Flag Governing Document Vessels", because I started out using the wrong flag on my documents, "Declaration of Acknowledgment for the Claim of the Life", this was to correct the status of my minor daughter buy claiming my status as father,undoing the damage done by the birth certificate, removing all power of attorney from the state and reclaiming it as biological father, "Power of Attorney in Fact".

Notice of Rescindment-Revocation of Voters Registration

Notice of Surety Act and Silver Bond- this document is recorded at the local level and has been sent to the Sec of Treasury and to Sec of State of florida along with a declaration of peaceful treaty. It has also been used for issues with financial institutions.






I also have done the National Passport filling out the forms as non U.S. Citizen

I have a foundation in place, a full toolbox, all presumptions and assumptions have been have been rebutted and all this I have done in a year on top of battling the county over property tax, which at the time I was doing incorrectly, siting codes and statutes, they never did give me any answers or deny what I showed them. I have since learned I was going about it all wrong, spent a sum of FRNs on certified mailings, but the education I gained from the process was valuable.
I have made my intentions clear, non combatant, non belligerent, florida-state National, Executor-Grantor-beneficiary, Settlor. I have only had to use this once so far and that was for a jury duty summons, I warned them they were infringing copy righted material and referenced the book and page numbers of pertinent documents and informed them of knowledge of jury nullification and the courts not informing the jurors of the bonds being created just for monetary gain. Needless to say I received a letter back signed by the chief judge basically saying to stay home, the ironic thing was the letter was postmarked five days after I was supposed to appear and the date on the letter was three days after I was supposed to appear so they waited to see if I would show up.

I am by no means an expert in all this, I have stood on the shoulders of men greater than I, I have had to scour hundreds of documents and used documents others have created, however, I will take a document, read it thoroughly make changes, remove what doesn't apply to me and add what I deem necessary for my situation, essentially making them my own. As foreigners our document vessels need a dock stamp and docking fee. I've occasionally had issues with the county recorder but my documents are lawful with the flag, doc stamp, notarization, thumb print and on those occasions that the recorder wanted to reject my recording I politely informed them of their oath, then they would reply they would have to let their attorney review it, I would remind them of their bonds and inform them to ask the attorney if her bond and theirs could withstand a claim against it. The next day I would have a message on my machine stating to bring the original back in that they would be happy to record it, this has happened three times now. When you start raising the issue of their bonds attitudes change fast. My documents have gone through an evolution as my learning has increased, as I continue to review them I still find errors made that I didn't have full knowledge at time of working up, minor little things. I've gone as far as creating a coat of arms-family quest and had a stamp made which all documents now bear this stamp in top center of the first page, I'm including a few examples.

The point of all this is although one may have all these tools in place if that one doesn't know how to use these tools or is afraid to use them they mean nothing. Believe me, it can still be tough to battle the indoctrination of intimidation we have all been subject to our whole lives, I still do, and I'm only a beginner, a little bit of knowledge is dangerous and the learning process takes years. This all has to be done at your own risk and according to your own knowledge and courage. Many start this process solely as an attempt for monetary gain and want to depend on others to do the work form them not understanding the legal and lawful ramifications or the paper work they are recording, on top of that it take a lot of time. I hate all this crap, the last thing I want to do is spend time learning all this garbage just to fight these criminals but that is why we are in the predicament we are in, as Jean Keating says "Want to know where the problem lies, look in the mirror".

I have so much data and findings downloaded, books, documents, court cases, definitions, laws, statutes, documentaries, lectures it would take a lifetime to read, it can really be overwhelming. On top of that I feel like a lone wolf, no one I know is doing what I'm doing and when I start talking about this to family and friends the eyes start to roll. They have done a fine job of indoctrinating and brain washing of the people, some times I feel like cyfer from the matrix..."why oh why didn't I take the blue pill ? " I must say though my driving motivation is to recoup what has been stolen from me and my family, I try to wake people up but it always seems futile. I believe talent and ability come directly from the Creator, the ability to see the matrix for what it is and accept it is an ability, most do not have this ability. The Creator has a plan for all who have this ability and we are a small remnant and if I have to stand completely alone then that's what I'll do.
First doc recorded
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Flag correction
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Claim of the life
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Surety bond
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Re: UCC issues

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This is excellent information you've provided. I am just starting out and definitely relate to feeling like a lone wolf.

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