You Are A Bill Of Lading

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You Are A Bill Of Lading

Post by WatcherNH »

The subject of Bill of Lading came up during the 11-01-18 conference call so I decided to research it a bit. I found these videos and think you will enjoy them. They are from 2014 but are very informative and Tom D’Ambra gets the point across in layman terms. A lot of the current issues he talks about in 2014 are still with us currently in 2018. To most of the members this will be a refresher course but to new members this should be eye opening. This should remind us all why we are involved in this movement to get the county and state assemblies, and ultimately the Common Law System, up and running again. Let’s stay focused on the task at hand and get our, We the People’s, Court System going.

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Re: You Are A Bill Of Lading

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Interesting... Thanks!
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Re: You Are A Bill Of Lading

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Thank you very much, @WatcherNH;

This is good information.

I usually don't search for valuable information from a "DeepState" entity like YouTube - I guess Alphabet (aka Google) keeps it up so that they can collect the IP addresses of those watching it. Just a thought 8-)

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