Novus Ordo Seclorum began 1776. Luciferianism was its express purpose.

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Novus Ordo Seclorum began 1776. Luciferianism was its express purpose.

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I have been tossing the notion around of "what exactly is this thing that has been made for us by the Order of the Quest and the Luciferian Freemasons which we call America and The United States and whatnot?"

It turns out that The United States of America was, from its beginning, designed for the express purpose of enthroning Lucifer on the Earth.

The answers are in plain sight and are simple yet profound. The New World Order began in 1776 and their goal is a long-play across centuries. The goal is "atheism in religion, anarchy in politics, no property in economics" ("New World Order" page 299). Brave New World lays out part of the methodology they are using. Today I have been reading one of many books on the matter to dig into "what exactly is this beast which is made of paper and thought?" which I have been digging into. Even now, I recognize that the only way to overcome today's wretched mess is to reinstate the Bible as the sole, unalterable and permanent law and destroy all codes, policies, statutes, resolutions and anything else mankind has put on paper to regulate any part of mankind or creation. The system has to end for the God of Israel and of America (formerly, as America has left Him) to save this land and its people.

There is no quick end to this. Even if we restart their system over from scratch, our well-meaning efforts will give rise to the same pattern. We've been long overdue for a revolution and with all the mind control technologies active presently and all the stockholm syndrome and financial addictions going on I seriously doubt we can muster even a fraction of the forces necessary without directly accessing the Militaries as the rightful power of this land. Therefore let's point ourselves toward that, as martial law at this point is necessary to remove the legal/commercial parasite from all of us and reinstate order in leadership. Even then, the military may be too corrupt to handle that without usurping us... which remains to be seen. I see it as a necessary risk.

The Dollar Bill has two Seals. One is the Luciferian pyramid which establishes the New Secular Order in 1776 and through "Annuit coeptis" does "allude to the many signal interpositions of providence in favour of the American cause."
The other seal "is even more definitely related to the Old Mysteries" ("New World Order" (by A. Ralph Epperson) quoting "The Secret Destiny of America" (by Manly P. Hall) on page 136) and the symbol of the Eagle and the use of Thirteen and the Stars and Arrows and Roman Crown and other tiny details paint a specific picture of what exactly the USA is.
Secured Party Creditors, though using the system with mastery, still cannot obtain justice. Businessmen find that courts are compliant and operate smoothly. Discoveries of late have found that all Courts are Banks and have a DUNS number and other necessary Registrations as Private Corporations. Furthermore, all prisons are likewise Private Corporations (for-profit businesses).

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