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The enemy grows bolder.

Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2018 9:10 am
by APoG_Eliyahu-ben-Yahuah-Elohim

I run a Truther page at and it is connected to many legal facebook groups. I don't get much study done on my own so the secrets I bring here are usually someone else's findings. I figure that as a collective and community we can get more done as our individual comprehensions gradually increase.

Those pages are at:

If you have time but little to no money, snag up tidbits and do tons of reading. I keep getting hit with the need to recover from emotional and mental trauma from time to time and it's a detriment to my progress (not a distraction, as I don't have an option) but I will be doing what I can when I learn how to and am certain of what I am doing. Until I am certain, no action is taken because I operate with an abundance of caution.