An Patriotic American you need to learn from

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An Patriotic American you need to learn from

Post by Dr.Morpheus »

Hi! Everyone in these u.s.

I am a very concerned Canadian Patriot, who does care about what is going on South of my border and would like to throw in my 2 cents.

I am sure a lot of you have heard of Anna Von Reitz and her posts if not, you need to check her out as she has a ton of great info on how to get back your countries sovereignty. I have been getting a lot of info from her over the years, and she knows her stuff.

You may want to contact her and get her help.

We here in Canada are in a similar situation by the fact that we have never ratified a Constitution for Canada! if you are interested I will add the link for any Canadian in the u.s.

New Folder The Myth is Canada

New Folder The Myth is Canada

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Re: An Patriotic American you need to learn from

Post by Destry »

Greetings Dr. Morpheus~

I have 8 contacts from Canada who want to form their provincial assemblies. Are you willing to assist them?
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Re: The Myth Is Canada

Post by Shyner »

Excellent information and glad you shared these links to a vital movement here in this geographical location referred to as Canada. Most everything correlates very well with what Anna has been sharing and as well as all I've come to comprehend through the information shared by John Spirit on his Eternally Aware YouTube channel and website - Interesting and pivotal times we find ourselves in!

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