Constituente World Assembly

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Constituente World Assembly

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hello humans,
we understand, what happend worldwide and we know what do to! Thats why we called out a world assembly

Look at it and spread it. We distribute it through all platforms, emails, networks and contacts worldwide.

So we do !
Hello human of the world. The Constituent Assembly of all the people on the planet is here. In Germany, the Constituent Assembly has existed for several years. It is suppressed by the established parties. I'm sure all people on earth know that from their countries as well. We want to achieve the unification of all people. Help everyone to change and improve our lives. +

Hallo Menschen der Welt. Die Verfassunggebende Versammlung aller Menschen auf dem Planeten ist da. In Deutschland gibt es die Verfassunggebende Versammlung schon einige Jahre. Sie wird von den etablierten Parteien unterdrückt. Das kennen sicher alle Menschen der Erde aus Ihren Ländern ebenso. Wir wollen die Vereinigung aller Menschen erreichen. Helft alle mit unser Leben zu verändern und zu verbessern. +

we have to change the word! we wish you all the best
greetings from germany
press-spokesman of the german assembly

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Re: Constituente World Assembly

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what is the german word for man?

many mahalos and god bless

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