Call for popular elections

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Call for popular elections

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Call for popular elections

According to the valid decision of the Federal Constitutional Court BVerfG 2 BvG 1/51 of 23 October 1951, Senate II, Guideline 29, and Article 146 of the Basic Law (year 1949), you are requested to participate in the election.
Contrary to any assertion of the FRG parties, popular elections are permitted and an integral part of the FRG legislation to which the FRG has committed itself. With the above-mentioned judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court is ordered: Guideline 29: "It is not only essential to the democratic principle that there should be a representative body of the people, but also that the right to vote should not be withdrawn from those entitled to vote in a way not provided for in the Constitution".

You decide with your vote on the following priority objectives:

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