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Anna. Oregon follows Anna ! Stop airing contempt for her. Oregon is not at war. We will be rebalancing the state !

Posted: Fri Mar 01, 2019 2:00 pm
Oregon had its first assembly in 1849 at what is now Oregon City. My grandpa was a member and it's public record. I follow in his foot steps and help to restore the public common law. This is not a declaration of war on corporate america. We in oregon will work to help balance the political process not throw rocks at city hall like middle school kids. To change the process is to add what was lost not cry about how it is. If the leadership of the National Assembly has a problem with Anna then deal privately not on the national call.
We do not support your stance at all. We use information from Anna and also other historians to find the way. Much of Anna's stuff can be found through out history from people who never heard of her. You seem to think she is the origin . She is not. All of her materiel is out there by historians from civil war to now. I say give her a break .
Oregon Assembly

Re: Anna. Oregon follows Anna ! Stop airing contempt for her. Oregon is not at war. We will be rebalancing the state !

Posted: Sat Mar 02, 2019 5:20 pm
by Destry
Anyone else from the Oregon assembly wish to weigh in on this?

Re: Anna. Oregon follows Anna ! Stop airing contempt for her. Oregon is not at war. We will be rebalancing the state !

Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 3:30 am
by SunTzu
Dear Bobby,

Thank you for posting on the forums at

I discovered your post on the forum and I am responding to you and it.

I agree with some of what you said, Anna Von Reitz is in fact the individual who's writings first WOKE ME UP to the situation at hand. I began working with the Michigan Jural Assembly members as soon as Anna DECLARED, "Michigan Jural Assembly did everything right!" - Those were her exact words.

So I worked with members of the MGJA(Michigan Grand Jural Assembly) to discover what it meant to "Peaceably assemble, to redress grievances, and to self represent," the MGJA members helped me understand all of these things. The MGJA members informed me that I did not have to "repudiate my U.S. citizenship," as it would bring great hardship upon my life. MGJA members did however tell me that if I chose to do so (repudiate citizenship) that I WAS WITHIN MY RIGHT to do so.

However, the MGJA members then put me in touch with other Michigan Grand Jural Members who HAD REPUDIATED THEIR U.S. CITIZENSHIP and the information I learned from them WAS OF GREAT IMPORTANCE.

Just as Anna Von Reitz has advised, in order to repudiate your citizenship, you send them back your Social Security Card, if you do it proper, you send them back all other U.S. government provided identification too (driver's license). Then the MGJA members informed me of what happens when you get pulled over without a driver's license, how the intentionally low IQ hired law enforcement officers do not give a rats butt about any papers you have on you to prove that you have the right to drive without a driver's license. The very presenting of "Documents" to the officer, has in many times alerted that officer that you are a threat, a domestic terrorist known as a sovereign citizen, and anyone paying attention knows that the government has declared sovereign citizens as "Domestic Terrorists."

The Michigan Grand Jury members I spoke with who had repudiated their U.S. citizenship informed me that upon the law enforcement officer realizing that they had just traffic stopped a "Domestic Terrorist," the MGJA member was then cuffed and stuffed.

Upon refusing to sign the corporation, "United States Inc," paperwork at the local jail, the MGJA members sat in jail for 60 days, which is as long as the U.S. corporation can legally hold someone for driving without a license. Please bare in mind that these were 60 days in jail for FIRST OFFENSE.

So, I present you the following evidence.

1) Is a U.S. Citizen protected by the Bill of Rights?

Answer: YES

2) Does the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights guarantee the right to, "Peaceably Assemble, to Redress Grievances, and to Self Represent?"

Answer: YES, IT DOES

3) Yet Anna says that in order to EXERCISE that right, you need to repudiate your U.S. Citizenship!



A) Why would Anna Von Reitz knowingly provide false statements?

B) Anna originally used the title of Judge in her name.

Answer: The Alaska Government HAS NO RECORD of any variations of Anna Von Reitz, aka Anna Reitzinger, aka Anna Von Reitzinger EVER BEING A JUDGE in the State of Alaska.

C) Anna originally stated that she was a COMMON LAW JUDGE.

Answer: In order to be a Common Law Judge, Anna Von Reitz would of been required to submit her name for candidacy in a local election in her county of the State of Alaska and she would have been required to get 60 signatures to get her name on the ballot, and then if there was no incumbent, she would have obtained the seat of "JUSTICE OF THE PEACE."

She did not run for election, nor did she obtain the seat.

That is why when the FBI visited her, they asked her the following questions:

1) What Oath did you swear to become a Common Law Judge?

2) What is the significance of the 1783 Treat of Peace?

Upon the FBI leaving, she IMMEDIATELY removed her title as "Judge."

She however did not inform 9 of her students in Colorado to do the same. They were all days later arrested, some of whom are still in jail.

Now I present the final evidence:

An Interview Anna Von Reitz gave:

The above interview given by Anna Von Reitz exposes the true nature of this PSY-OP.

Anna says"You have to go through all this process and all of this development of a public paper trail in order to reestablish who you are."

Answer: FALSE

Anna is attempting to make it difficult for you to represent yourself, she is trying to make you think that it is difficult to exercise your GOD given rights, when all you have to do is pull out your BILL of RIGHTS, dust it off, and read the FIRST AMENDMENT.

Anna says you have to repudiate your U.S. Citizenship.
Answer: FALSE

Anna is very effectively performing several tasks:
1) Obviate
define Obviate: "To Remove"
Anna is "Obviating" threats, to "Remove threats who would pose a challenge to Corporate United States Inc's RECKLESS OPERATIONS and ENDLESS felony OVER BILLING, there is trillions of dollars more to steal coupled with vast underground resources to steal from the people, vast resources of public lands to SELL, which is a theft against the people as the public lands were constitutionally granted to the people forever, and could not be withheld, sold, or multiple use permit denied.

Anna Von Reitz is protecting the ability to continue THE THEFT via THE GREAT FRAUD, as people rotting in jail cells for driving without a driver's license can hardly be capable of challenging the corporation, "United States Inc," let alone living under a bridge, with no job, because they have no Social Security card, so no one will hire them, and even if they did find work, they have no bank account, and cannot get one, as I said, a person living under a bridge does not pose a threat to the corporation United States.

2) Obfuscate
define Obfuscate: "To make unclear, to obscure.

Anna is making the necessary path "Unintelligible, unclear, or obscured."
Anna is "Obfuscating," making the path forward unclear and full of; doubt, worry, and concern, for personal well being.

Anyone with reason knows that they are putting themselves in harms way when they "Repudiate their U.S. Citizenship."

Anna "Obfuscates" when she makes up a WHOLE BUNCH OF THINGS that you NEED TO DO, in order to exercise these God given rights, when all you really had to do was DUST OFF YOUR BILL of RIGHTS.

3) Injure
define Injure: "To Do Physical Harm"

Anna is attempting to "Injure" any fully motivated person who would move against the United States Inc corporation.

It is difficult for injured prey to mount an efficient, intelligent, and calculated attack against a seemingly all powerful corporation, "United States Inc."

4) Deter
define deter: "To discourage"

Anna is "Deterring" anyone from joining up with other Grand Jury Assembly Members whether it be the Michigan Grand Jury Assembly or any others.

Anna is sewing devision between Patriots who are looking for a solution.

And THE ANSWER is that our Founding American Forefathers knew that this day would come! They knew the enemy; in the Vatican, the enemy in England, and any other Royal Power that would seek to weaken or destroy the greatest threat to continued world domination would eventually come to steal America from We The People. Thus the Founding American Forefathers ensured that any Constitution coming after the First Constitution, would have to contain all of the original constitution. Although the Bill of Rights is the greatest weapon against the forces of Evil that our Founding Fathers & the Framers gave us to destroy the enemy even in the midst of the DARKEST LONG NIGHT. The weapon, the SILVER BULLET, has been discovered.

All you need to do is follow "The Handbook" as provided by the Michigan Jural Assembly. The Patriots operating the National Assembly and the Michigan Jural Assembly, many of them are former special forces Patriots who served long and hard to protect the people of this nation, and once they discovered the plot and how far the rabbit hole of death and suffering was dug, they set out to correct the wrongs and liberate We The People from the Evil of a foreign power that had overtaken us.

All you need, you will find here:

Follow The Handbook -

All other Handbooks, like the one Anna stole and is selling on Amazon, will put you living under a bridge, in jail for 60 days at a time, without a bank account, without the ability to leave the country and gain RE-ENTRY.

However Bobby, I suspect you are also working for the Cabal. Because if you were listening on that National Assembly call when we were discussing Anna Von Reitz, you would have heard the testimony that both I and Others gave, revealing both Anna Von Reitz, and Soaring Spirit as being Crime Syndicate operatives to Obviate, Obfuscate, Deter, and Injure

Have a nice day. If you end up being a provocateur, the people will simply vote to remove you from their presence.

As a member of the forming Oregon Grand Jural Assemblies, I reject your statements, I reject your logic, and I reject anyone who would knowingly provide people with incorrect information which will CAUSE MANY VICTIMS.

Good luck to you though.


Sun Tzu

Re: Anna. Oregon follows Anna ! Stop airing contempt for her. Oregon is not at war. We will be rebalancing the state !

Posted: Fri May 24, 2019 11:30 pm
by Destry
I and the other Michigan General Jural Assembly members have done our Act of State to set our status as American State Nationals back in 2012 long before AVR ever came into the scene. When ever she claims us to be U.S. Citizens, she is spewing lies! She knows the truth! Apparently she is more stupid than most realize as to become a U.S. Citizen you have to either become a Federal employee or go through immigration and customs. None of us have made any of these qualifications. Look up Title 18 U.S.C. section 911 for the penalties for presuming to be a U.S. Citizen when in fact you are not.

Also Michigan has 10 years in assembly noticing the world from the county level to international level. All rungs of the ladder have been noticed with zero rebuttals. AVR did none of this. AVR has no lawful standing to claim any authority that Michigan has. AVR cannot comprehend that the only way for the assemblies to be successful is through sovereignty of the states. It cannot happen with one man or woman running the show. History teaches all of us this. All we have to do is pay attention. This is why I have always told all attendees to the conference calls that we from Michigan can only suggest what to do. Each state became a state in it's own unique way and the states must remain unique and sovereign. This is why rUSA failed. This is why NLA failed. This is why Union States Assemblies failed. This is why Beacon37 failed. And this is why the assemblies under AVR will fail. History repeating itself. This comes from experience. That is all.

Re: Anna. Oregon follows Anna ! Stop airing contempt for her. Oregon is not at war. We will be rebalancing the state !

Posted: Thu May 30, 2019 3:28 pm
by myamerica
Excellent information. Thank you!