Acceptance Is Unacceptable - 5G Summit

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Acceptance Is Unacceptable - 5G Summit

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Acceptance Is Unacceptable

Are you a person who feels that 5G, directed energy weapons (DEW's) and targeting individuals are topics to stay clear of?

Are you aware of the problem but are afraid to take action because you will be targeted?

Are you one of the many who write to me saying, “forget it Sienna it’s too late, save yourself, that is what I am doing.”

I get a lot of responses from people who are allowing fear to keep them in hiding. I totally understand how challenging this is. Have you given up thinking you can make a difference? That is sad because that is exactly what those rolling out this genocidal imposition want you to believe.

That is their biggest weapon, getting you to think you can do nothing.

These sinister beings have had their way with us for a millennium. Now it is all getting exposed and they are losing their vice grip. We have never been in a better position to Rise together and effect change for ourselves, our children and all future generations. The myth that we must follow their orders or not survive needs to busted open at the core. We are so much more powerful than their program of trauma based mind control has allowed us to understand. We are. Why do you think we are such a prize to them? Why do you think we are so precious they need massive impositions to keep us down?

Now is our time to awakening to the full spectrum dominance they intend to lock us down with and absolutely say no. We can. We must. The forces of all organic life here support our courage and counting on us to be our own saviors this time. We can stop supporting our own self-destruction. This 5G Call to Action Summit is all about solution. Come listen and co-create a path that does not bend over to our rapists and say ok, take me. No more!!!

Fear, apocalypse, fatigue and lack of belief in our own power is how they have us. Keeping us in separation, hiding in isolated cubicles giving our energy to their false reality is what they have been doing. We are the only ones who have the power to shift the outcome.

Are you done? We are. And we are creating spaces to join together and create effective constructive solutions in community. We are open to your ideas, your thoughts and your passion. Join us to learn what the agenda is and how we can do things to not support this genocidal campaign against us.

Let's Rise together and shift the future, we can.

Come to the Summit!
Saturday June 23 and Sunday 24 online.

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