Power to Coin Money

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Power to Coin Money

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On the National call last Thursday, one speaker mentioned that they thought the money creation power in the constitution was a mistake and has been used by the bankers to issue the fiat money we have today.

I would recommend the book Pieces Of Eight by Edwin Vieira, Jr as a good read on this subject.
The only power granted in the Constitution was the power to "coin money."
The fraudulent/unconstitutional basis for issuing unlimited debt/fiat money seems more to have come out of the Federal Reserve Act and the bankruptcy in the 1930s and using people's ignorance of the 14th Amendment citizenship status to deceive people into letting themselves be used as collateral for the national debt.

Before that, the US could issue debt money but was limited by its ability to repay it.

At any rate, if there is a way to share this with others, that might be good. Maybe as a resource on the website?
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