Reflections on the Need for Sacred Honor

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Reflections on the Need for Sacred Honor

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A Precious Oath of Honor is necessary, and actually demanded in order to
be a sovereign. Being sovereign requires that we strive and labor; labor
hard mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, to grow toward
something that is unending.

There is always more to find; more to see and hear. And with God's
assistance, we move to truly understand as we find what the next step of
our direction will be.

This is no mere worldly endeavor. Search for delusions of grandeur come
crashing down, and in the quiet, sweet wake, we find a mighty presense of
True Destiny: a path that really goes somewhere.

Striving to shed self-centered fear, sometimes seemingly impossible,
requires receiving a humility that often seems revulsive. Facing a
government of individuals who will take our children; burn people alive to
some vain emptiness, causes one's survival mode to come up and we want to
charge in and demolish the whole camp. But they will pop up again.
We know this: this is the seeming nature of evil. However evil is not an infinitive.
Death has already been destroyed.

In the loss of knowing what to do, we turn to each other in attempts to
use reason as a guide; the insanity we face in Our Enemy, who laughs at
us, as we fail to surrender to the Law of Truth; that we are not a match
for his seductive and deceitful slight-of-hand. We find that reason will
not save us.

But this knowledge is very useful, and we need to have all it can give,
but we must go further, with true respect, as we honor the Law of Truth.

In the last 2000 years, we see the dust settle from the death and
resurrection of Christ. We are witnessing last ditch efforts to prove
there is no God, and this Vanity of Vanities is on its last leg.
We will as People, as People of God, put the Enemy under Our Creator's

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