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Anna Von Reits exposed by Thomas Williams

Posted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 1:53 am
by Destry
9/5/19 Truth, Honor & Integrity show

The Meat & Potatoes on AVR starts shortly after the 65 minute mark.

Re: Anna Von Reits exposed by Thomas Williams

Posted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 8:59 pm
by Destry
Have new information that came in via email. I don't agree with the claims on Leo Wanta due to my personal knowledge and relationship with him.

A multi level top secret investigation is now over and is revealing their findings regarding the alternative media and the secret hidden agendas of those involved.Here's what they found.
1) Black Dragons and puppets who are working for Langley
Neil Keenan-Book of Maklamat that he has is a fake.
Drake Bailey-Cosmic Voice-steering people away from the truth and misleads.
Anna Von Reitz-Hapsburg-member of AAIA Nazi group-Black Dragon.
She is tied in with Nazi member Pope Ratzinger who is in house detention at the Vatican because of an arrest warrant for killing children as part of the Ninth Circle satanic group who sacrifices up to 3 children every quarter in major cathedrals in the western world.

Leo Wanta-financial scammer who stole trillions and claims that it is his.He was a pal of Ronald Reagan.
Robert David Steele-Fake and misleading information and is a CIA langley operative.
Benjamin Fulford- ex reporter with ties to the Japanese mafia who mixes some truth with slightly inaccurate information.He does have protection from the Japanese Dragons to keep his subscribers sending monies.He was friendly with the Rockefellers.

Corey Goode and David Wilcock-Both were kicked off of Gaia TV for fake reporting and creating the nonsense regarding the Blue Avians and Blue Chickens.Goode claimed that he spent 15 years on Mars under a secret program that is still in doubt.
Ancient Aliens-Takes real discoveries with some truth and modifies their true story to get ratings.
Erik Prince-Blackwater mercenary leader who supports evil agendas for riches.
Falen Gong-moved to NYC to create more chaos and increase following.
Tangs- Are Running San Francisco drug operations linked to the Bushes.

Misc- There are small number of group operatives who have invaded the alternative media and are causing trouble.They have been identified and have been warned to curtail their lies and slander or face actions..........E.