Ohio Assembly

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Ohio Assembly

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Hello all, my name is Robin and I am the interim Moderator for the Ohio Assembly.

We have made our final notice which started on June 22, 2020 and are now past our 4 week notice and ready to keep moving.

We have a one page website www.ohioassembly.org or www.ohioassembly.com

We have an email for new recruits and a 3 week onboarding zoom call for all new people. New people can join from our website or email: JoinOhioassembly@protonmail.com.

We have subcommittees working on evidence to address the issues going on with the masks etc. We are working towards setting up our grand jury and our county assemblies.

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Re: Ohio Assembly

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Excellent and encouraging news from Ohio! Florida is on its way, but still some distance from settling our Statewide Assembly. Workin' on it...

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Re: Ohio Assembly

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aloha Robin,
...and may god continue to bless the people at ohio…

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