What is the Word of God?

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What is the Word of God?

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Many have come to the conclusion, or were brought up believing, that the Holy Bible is the Word of God. As Dr. Chuck Missler puts it; the Bible is an integrated message system, penned by 40 or more authors over the course of thousands of years, having information of an origin from outside of our time domain.
It is a story of love; sacrifice; hope; war; redemption; a tool for learning wisdom's solemn resolve ... but is it inerrant? I don't think so, although I did once believe that it was. Lessons of life's history have shown unequivocally, however; that anything mankind handles or manages for any period of time will experience a loss of integrity and become corrupted ... at least to some degree.
If mankind manages to exercise extreme care to the point of minimization of degradation on any grand scale; as the Holy Bible's scribes throughout the millennia passed down the written word with a system of numerical error checks for validation of proper copies ... then we still have the seemingly supernatural elements to consider as the source of corruption. Say what you will about the Mandela Effect, but for those of you that have experienced the Biblical changes, there is not a lot of competition for the prize in a contest for what event could most quickly send an otherwise sane person over the edge of logic's boundaries, and cast them into a realm of the aftermath of reality's oblivion. Some of us have had our personal Bibles for decades, and know those scriptures very well (at least in several places). Imagine waking up one morning, grabbing your King James AV 1611, flipping through to Isaiah : chapter 11, and finding that the "Root of Jesse" had become the "stem of Jesse" in the first verse, and reading down to the 6th verse to find that the lion no longer will be made to lay down with the lamb. No. It seems that, instead of the lion and lamb laying together in that future setting; the "wolf" shall now "dwell with the Lamb." ...3 ... 2 ... 1 ... (mind blown!)! Oh; there's many more, but the point is made: the scriptures are NOT the perfect Word of God. It has not experienced the kind of protection afforded the Creator of Heaven and Earth, nor does it carry with it; a position of power to enforce its plan at the appointed time. It merely tries to carry the message of these events the best its able until that time arrives.

But that's ok, because the Word of God is not a book. It is a person. It is an entity. It is a Creator and it is God, come in the flesh. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The Word is the Christ of YHWH; the Creator force of the Godhead, come in the flesh and known among the mortal men of His creation as Yeshua.

The Bible is the best book ever to be written, and the only book I care to read (except for Black's Law 4th and 6th Edition); but it is a book. It can offer nothing more than the guidance as[Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth]; whereas the Word of God, as most call Him: Jesus; is the Creator and all things that were created are created for His pleasure. "And God said ...." and He saw that it was good.

There is the Life force in the Word of God. Pitch frequency ... sound ... the universal harmonics of balance that more recent scientific knowledge has verified as being the source of the Creation of Light. Hmmm ... seems Genesis 1 has told us that for thousands of years, but now that somebody with a name on a placard and capital letters after their name has said it's so; we can rest with confidence with what we already knew to be true. "And God SAID ... let there be light." Light is the product of the Logos: the mechanical resonance of the Creator's spoken Word. Hence; the term "Universe." One spoken Word.... universe. Or it could be translated as the unifying song. The Universe we experience is the result of God's creative song, as He called into existence that which we refer to as our physical reality. Make no mistake: this is somewhat illusory, but for all intents and purposes, the Christ entered into His own Creation, using His office as Logos to lay out the map for our redemptive process. That which was written of Him is written for Him, and He spoke all things with Truth as His source of speech. We are warned throughout those scriptures to exercise caution with our words, for "the power of life and death are in the tongue; and those that love it will eat the fruit thereof."

We would do well to make this Truth a firm basis for our manner of engaging a belief system that speaks of the knowledge of an eternal life. If our words go forth into the world, and cannot be retrieved after their journey begins .... we ought to discern whether or not we have been speaking "life' or "death" into our environment. For the word does not return void, but accomplishes what it is sent out to do. The modern English language is a death cult language, speaking in terms of negative (no contract) verbiage; a "dog Latin" pieced together for purposes of speaking spells and curses over our loved ones. A study of etymology of our English words will reveal quite astonishing results. Did you ever wonder why, in school as young children, the first things we worked toward learning were "spelling" and "cursive"? Spells and curses; rewarded with the 5-point gold and blue stars for accomplishing our duties of spelling and cursive endeavors.

With that; I yield, and simply remind the reader to please remember and never forget: The Word of God is the Christ .... not the Bible!

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