German National Assembly

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German National Assembly

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I am very happy to have had such positive response to the German National Assembly. It is delightful to witness the development of international friendship among nations. Please review the German Assembly's introductory website, at and please view the short film, entitled "Colors of Love", which shows an excellent example of fine cinematography, and "Botschaft an die Menscheit!, although in German language, just for some idea of what quality production may one day replace the mind controlling mainstream media and Hollywood productions currently monopolizing American and World culture.

Most of the websites listed, as well as associated links have English translators, and those that do not will have translators in the near future.

YouTube accounts:

ddb Netzwerk, ddb Netzwerk reloaded, Menschen der Verfassunggebende Versammlung

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Re: German National Assembly

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Now that is has been decided to communicate, what is the process to determine what is communicated?

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