Broward county assembled?

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Broward county assembled?

Post by jmjdirect »

I’m jason and I’m an assembly member in Muskegon county Michigan.

My mom is in broward county and wants to know if anyone in her county is assembled or interested?

She WAS following AVR’s illegitimate cult but signed nothing which would make her ineligible.

Trying to help her out because she really wants to be involved in helping expand this movement.

Happy to see Florida put their public notice out.

KUDOS and God bless!!!!

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Re: Broward county assembled?

Post by Destry »

Hi Jason, You should be asking this question to the MGJA.
Broward County has no members yet to my knowledge.

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Re: Broward county assembled?

Post by pulldapin »

aloha Jason

for the past while i have not heard anyone speak up from broward county on the florida calls but your mother is more than welcome to join the call wed. evenings at 8:30 est...717 908 1834 code 938443#

many ma halos and God bless

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Re: Broward county assembled?

Post by Coastalrunner »

Thank you Jason and Carl! I will be on Wednesdays call representing Broward county!


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