The Power of Assembly

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The Power of Assembly

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The Power of Assembly
Of the People, For the People, and By the People to Insure Your Liberties and Freedoms will Be Eternally Secure.

Questions That Truly Support Your Family Values and Standards:

1. What would you, as a living soul, want to see changed in your National, State and Local governments to improve your life, your liberty and your freedoms to concretely secure a private family life you see fit? Circle One: Yes or No.

2. Would you be willing to commit, getting out of your comfort zones and get involved, to help make these changes ensuring your efforts as well as others, making absolutely sure your life, liberty and sacred family values and beliefs come to fruition? Circle One: Yes or No.

3. Do you securely believe, that your life and family, are at a place where you feel comfortable the elite powers and government won't infiltrate your daily lives removing you or family members because your voice goes against their corporate laws and statutes and that enforceable and possible incarceration will be inflicted upon you? Circle One: Yes or No.

4. If there was an absolute way to prove the above statements are true and you can be confident that your efforts, actions and commitment WILL BE supported, your actions, words and opinions will be given the respect they deserve, then get involved and change your life for your own prosperity? Circle One: Yes or No. Page 1 of 2

5. If you want to truly change your condition, your life and the lives of your family as well as their future generations then please, afford your conscience the opportunity to see the truth and how you can bring all your convictions to fruition. This will allow your love and participation to be brought forth to yourselves, your fellow man and our humanity. This spark that lives within you will create a world of truth, happiness and freedom, as was given for your posterity, when this great country was founded. Circle One: Yes or No.

If you agree with any or all that has been stated above, and your convictions, values, and standards have moved you to become part of an nation state assembly, established and recognize, NOW in real time, then I behoove you to watch the suggested videos below in their entirety. 12 - 7 to 10 minute videos in all. Circle One: Yes or No.

This will allow you to fully understand your authority and, with your participation, efforts, commitment and resolve, along with all others that have assembled NOW, together we will secure, to all human souls, the freedoms, liberties and un-a-lien-able rights secured to you by your Creator. Circle One: Yes or No.

NOTE: Please copy and paste this link into your browser. Thank You.

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