Missouri is assembling.

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Aaron MO
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Missouri is assembling.

Post by Aaron MO »

OK so what's going on? Forum seems so quiet.

11 Missourians registered, anyone have any ideas?

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Re: Missouri is assembling.

Post by Christopherhowery »

I just got here I wanna join the Missouri Assembly. I know about what's going on but I'm going to review the info here. Get up to date. What do I need to do to make it official?

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Post by Maraluca »

My husband and I would like to be apart of the Missouri assembly, please let me know who I need to contact.

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Re: Missouri is assembling.

Post by VEXWarfield »

Missouri is Assembling ? when, where and how? I dont see any activity. Please send me a message to tell me when, where and how Missouri is Assembling.I want to be there.

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