Controversy regarding breach of verbal contract re: NA Intellectual Property

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Rodger Dowdell
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Controversy regarding breach of verbal contract re: NA Intellectual Property

Post by Rodger Dowdell »

Here is an email offer for arbitration out forward by Linda (GA):

Tuesday, April 27, 2021
Purpose: Special Meeting
Date: Saturday, May 1, 2021
Time: 2:00 pm EST / 1:00 pm CST / 12:00 pm MST / 10:00 am AKST
To: Rodger Dowdell, Destry Payne, Paul Thompson and Reba Sherrill
This is an official invitation to participate in a session to mediate the differences expressed as it pertains to Reba Sherrill􏰀s role in National Assembl􏰁 during the last meeting on Thursday, April, 22, 2021. In moving forward, our focus will be to facilitate a peaceful resolution given the sudden growth National Assembl􏰁 has experienced as the result of Reba Sherrill􏰀s work promoting the organization and supporting its mission.
One of the most difficult accomplishments for any organization is managing transitional expansion. Both the contributions of National Assembl􏰁 and Reba Sherrill􏰀s 3141 United are equall􏰁 important as We The People strive for a de jure America. How will National Assembly meet the demands of this sudden growth expansion?
We are prepared to facilitate the discussion around this expansion and assist the process by holding this meeting by Zoom in a neutral setting. Unity will be the goal and we will achieve a win/win solution!
After review of National Assembl􏰁􏰀s Rulebook Reba Sherrill􏰀s role must be defined per the direction of the Rulebook. The need for cooperation and transparency are a must in order to promote unity. What happened during last week􏰀s meeting, on April 22nd should never happen again.
Please respond by 11:00 pm EST, Wednesday, April 28th, to let us know if you will be in attendance on Saturday, May 1, 2021, at 2:00 pm EST / 1:00 pm CST / 12:00 pm MST / 10:00 am AKST, for a Special Emergency Meeting. A link for the zoom call will be sent as soon as confirmation of receipt is given.
Linda I. Brown
Paulding County, Georgia
Bret Bari
Orange County, Florida
Heather Bingham, Arlington County, Virginia
Ricky White
Archuleta County, Colorado

And here is National Moderator Rodger Dowdell’s response dated 4-29-2021:

Greetings Linda,

With all due respect, and in peace, honor, and  with clean hands,  no one has the authority to participate on behalf of the National Assembly in any process, including arbitration, except for the processes as defined in both the National Assembly Rule Book or the National Assembly Handbook.

As a result of Reba not being a holder of any Office in the National Assembly nor being a member of the National Assembly at the time she breached the verbal contract implied in fact including remedy(ies) with National Assembly ComSec Destry Payne and others in attendance at hand, she is therefore by definition an separate contractor and inobservance by the National Assembly processes.

Please remember we announce at the beginning of every National Assembly conference call that the National Assembly meetings are private. Because of her failure to take appropriate corrective action on a timely basis after she was noticed of her breach of contract, she is no longer welcome to participate in any National Assembly meetings.

Also Reba should comprehend that she has no longer permission to use any National Assembly intellectual property including names=phraseology and will be held to account for copyright infringement if she does not cease and desist publishing National Assembly intellectual property.

National Assembly Moderator Rodger Dowdell

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Re: Controversy regarding breach of verbal contract re: NA Intellectual Property

Post by Swana »

Thursday Night Calls Last Two Weeks.

I am completely bewildered and saddened by the behavior of Paul, Roger and Destry on these calls. Not sure how your behavior will inspire people to join assemblies as I found it appalling. Having worked within the professional arena for over 25 years, I was disturbed by the lack of leadership, grace and humility around the conversation. WE, The People, are working very hard to educate ourselves and take our country back. We, the People are terrified by your motives and egos. God is our Leader - All we are doing is for God's Glory - not to feed your ego's. We will prevail.

Stacy Wanamaker on Virginia

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