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Target Audience

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In last Thursday's national call (7/15), it was obvious that additional information is needed for people of find people who want to join the local National-Assembly county or state groups. Using brochures at Malls is not an effective method to finding people who are aligned with our mission and goals. Here are some very simple steps.

1. Find like minded groups. On Maui, it was the Maui Freedom Group who met at a Park. It took very little time for enough people to be interested to begin our local county assembly.

2. Search the internet for groups in your area which align with freedom. Start with American Frontline Doctors who have local Telegram groups in most states. The link to their national map follows:

3. Construct a simple presentation. I used a power point document with 10 points taken from the Handbook along with talking about Common Law Grand Juries. I would reference grand juries now focused on the Alaska instead of Common Law Grand Juries. Alaska website is listed under states on this website. Alaska is the most aligned state with the goals and operations of the National-Assembly process.

That's it. Simple and effective. Maui County General Jural Assembly settled our Assembly in 2.5 months. You can see the summary of our presentation in front of the county council meeting under Hawaii in the Forum or in the blog on this site.

Good luck.

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Re: Target Audience

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I would like to add to this if I may.
Civil war re enactors and related event should have like minded folks to hear what we are about!
“” this link covers the country I think.
Look into your areas and have a great time!

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