Motion for Moderators Committees

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Motion for Moderators Committees

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'Moderators Committee'

This Committee will work under the instruction of the Moderator to investigate the issues, abuses, and government over reach into our natural liberties and God Given Rights~
The studies will make investigations into the subjects that stand above all with how they are in your face type~
By this I mean (and we'll read and activate this issue as a real example of the purpose, function and 'INTENT' of a moderators committee charged with an issue to communicate with all levels of importance of the timing and appropriate resolution to this simulation or a real point, we the National Assembly can address with recognition of the present desire of the People might be ~ if the effort to address this issue ~ another way to maybe push buttons, but we must push them 'NICLY' ~ right Brothers and Sisters ? ? ?

ENTER~ ~ ~

A, The Post, a movie that gives those who know nothing of the government having lied to
the People [for how long] and that at this moment of communication, this communication
carries the weight of 'XX' Assemblies as each Assembly will declare their intent and to offer
assistance. These state [Bill of Rights] Assemblies with notice published in their state with
Affidavit of Publication as validation and the minutes of a ~ or a county board meeting to
Declare the County Assemblies Presents in=on the land then and in that moment ~ there
are issues that directly affect any and all Assemblies here.

B, url for breakdown of Trump speech: this youtube is well worth the time to see a
news worthy youtube grounding the point or concept or intent or principle is not {{doesn't
matter}} what it seems? Is it the bread crumb that contains what ingredients?
a; this moderator is thinking the assembly might be highly interested in ALSO
communicating, our interest in offering the assistance and help, helping with a
brand new type of assistance; only the type an assembly can do in helping those
same brand new congress (not delude by the standard hoop la purveyed by the
partisan left over the top baboons of these hallowed halls) that we know
we were LIED TOO.
and if this url don't work search 'black conservative patriot' he should come up

C, This is now information only and it is how the National Assembly might
consider acting on the information is the question the moderators
committee would=will investigate: in this instance the material, data, record
maintained by government is in fact Affidavit, Certified STATE OF XXXXXXXXXX
Historical Library; Certified by the HEAD LIBRARIAN, STATE OF XXXXXXXXXXXXX.

This would be a place to start to see the different documents that is displayed to
sway/seed/imprint the thinking of some people???

This question will move the communication in the directions it will have to flow like
publishing a 'NOTICE OF LIABILITY' in every Paper we identify in the movie, expressing
our disappointment and we know they want to do better but they can't without our help
and assistance in communicating to one another what We THE People desire corrected
which we are communicating from the county level down to the 'Buck Stops Here.'
The true picture, is the picture that is Crystal Clear 'WHO' the boss is, and that is ~
'We THE People.'

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