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I Rebut this Decree from AVR and the assemblies under her direction!

Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2019 11:17 pm
by Destry
Decree Over Mandate.pdf
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I call this out and rebut this attached Decree due to false claims! I must see validation of election records for each county assembly and for each state assembled. Validate that each county within each state has at least 13 people and the basic offices seated via elections. Validate that notice has been published in each county at least 3 times in at least a 21 day rebuttal period. Validate the county settlement has been read into each county commissioner's meeting minutes. Validate each county and state assembly has operations and functions rules of parliamentary procedure adopted by majority vote on the record. Each county in each state must have at least a minimum of a petite grand jury of 12+1. If these cannot be validated then my rebuttal stands! The corporations will ask these same questions for validation before the corporations will stand down. Be careful! The original handbook/blueprint was written for this reason as it is proven to keep people out of harm's way. You may be considered a coup to unlawfully overthrow or trespass if the above requirements have not been met in a proper manner and risk prison time or worse.

AVR may have immunity through the Vatican, but the people under her do not! Just like the 9. Looks like a perfect setup to trash the assemblies and make the term "assembly" worse than the term "sovereign citizen". This has the potential to be a major blow by the Vatican to stop the legitimate assemblies from being successful by making people fearful of involvement due to illegitimate persecutions of everyone that has recorded documentation in connection. Beware the thin line and falling from it! I pray the people under AVR followed the correct path.


Re: I Rebut this Decree from AVR and the assemblies under her direction!

Posted: Sun Feb 16, 2020 5:52 am
by Destry
Update! Know who AVR is!

Not only in her article #526 does she admit swearing an oath on the blood alter at the Roman Catholic Church Universal, But she is an agent of the Vatican!
Also attached to this post is some very interesting history on AVR with Planned Parenhood and much more. Also her hubby being a registered sex offender. Over time the truth and dirty laundry always surfaces! :lol: A tweety bird sent these to me:
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Posted for your dissemination.
Ps. I always accompany claims with validation unlike many B.S. false claims made against me with no validation.