Order and Diplomacy Statesman Conduct

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Order and Diplomacy Statesman Conduct

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In order for the assembly to function at optimal efficiency we all must strive for harmony and respect for the action of an assembly of 50 states. This is not impossible but it is an exercise in patience and kindness. This is not always the case as we are human and desire to be heard and respected. A task that requires skills that we all have yet fail to use in certain moments in time about subjects that are high priority and we are passionate about.
It is important that as we come together we move steadily and as quickly as we can to accomplish the task of getting the 50 states Noticed, Published and ready to redress the grievances that are prevalent and deny our God granted Rights and the Rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

With this in mind the Moderator drawing on experience suggests these interim protocols be utilized to conduct the National Assembly meetings:

1; each state communicate with those in their state to have a point, coordinator or whatever is decided to respond to the Roll Call.
This will take some doing as we are gaining people every day through the website and word of mouth through the people. I/we are grateful to all who do this as it is a positive indication that the people are interested and have the desire to help create change for the better.

2; a motion is suggested to be stated like this: Michigan state moves that [what the verbiage of the motion is] be brought to the floor! And the verbiage for the second stated like this: Oregon state seconds the motion!
This may look and be cumbersome but the communication that is clear and precise for the recording is a record that will stand on its own volition when challenged. At this point the moderator will entertain discussion and rebuttal rhetoric from the states which again has to be clear and concise for the record and may have to be handled differently.
Here is a thought that fits this time period very well to help the time crunch that usually occurs for this portion of a motion to get through. With the growth in numbers of people who attend the call this has to managed differently than it would if we were seated in one room. This portion of the motion process may be handled by the motion being floored the 1st Thursday and discussion handled by each state posting their points pro or con on the assembly web site for all to read and be discussed by their state assembly with a decision on a yea or a nay made by that states assembly to be delivered by the point or moderator during the 2nd Thursday call.

For consideration by the National Assemblies consideration~
“First, let no one rule your mind or body. Take special care that your thoughts remain unfettered... . Give men your ear, but not your heart. Show respect for those in power, but don't follow them blindly. Judge with logic and reason, but comment not. Consider none your superior whatever their rank or station in life. Treat all fairly, or they will seek revenge. Be careful with your money. Hold fast to your beliefs and others will listen.”
“Wise? No, I simply learned to think.”

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