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Last Thursdays call was highjack by an assembly member who intended to argue the point that jurisdiction was at the top of the priorities for the assembly to work with or on. This is not the case and it was not appropriate for the assembly member to take that position and over react and be vocal to the point of excess time consumption and rudeness at the expense of the rest of the National Assembly Members. This is a disservice to the rest of the state assemblies and the members who are on the call to conduct National Assembly business.
People who intend to exhibit this behavior and control time during the assembly business hour with personal self-interests that address only individual desires cannot do so in the business time. Questions that ask for information that will only help the individual with their efforts to address their personal and individual problems and desire to exit the de-facto for the de-jure is not the business of the National Assembly.
The business of the National Assembly is the formation and growth of each states assembly with the sharing of information of what efforts are taken what seems to work or apply and the communication of topics, subjects and issues that are for the collective not the individual. The larger perspective is to have the numbers, ability to communicate from a position of authority anchored by the Bill of Rights. Those questions and discussions are welcome in the open floor discussion time after the National Assembly Business.
All on the call witnessed the failure of the assembly member to realize the incorrect premise, timing and the intent to defend the position taken. This cannot be left unaddressed and has prompted the Moderator to set more stringent protocols for the business period of the National Assembly Conference Call.
When an assembly member gets off course the Moderator will gavel the member to relinquish the floor and this includes the time the member has used up as time is of theessence to the business at hand. The scribe will mute the assembly member if the member fails to yield the floor.

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