Nevada documents

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Nevada documents

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Greetings People,

I’m having trouble, and getting denied trying to record my paperwork. I am on a goose chase trying to see who will accept my package of documents I have prepared for my self. It is now becoming energy draining getting denied, getting refunds, getting challenged, and re-recording just to start the process over again. Would anyone know if the website at would be acceptable for recording documents? Or where should I record? I have been blessed with all the knowledge that has been given to me to get me this far, and anymore advice, suggestions, or pointing of directions would be greatly appreciated. Anyone who can help, or wants to build together, please I’m here and waiting on repeat like a broken record. I wish everyone the best.
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Re: Nevada documents

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They don't want people jumping from their corporate ships. You may be able to get someone in Arizona to record them for you. Some states are fine with it and some states will obstruct you recording them.
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Re: Nevada documents

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I’m new to this - can you briefly explain what your docs are and where you’re trying to file them... I’m in the very beginnings of trying to understand what this is all about, while also supporting the Convention of States movement that has 17 states onboard through state passed legislation.

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