Just saying Hello

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Just saying Hello

Post by paulfederico »

My name is Paul, just found out that many Other's have known about the real governing Laws many have forgotten about.
In Nevada the we have a saying, Battle Born, a reference to the state becoming what it is, due to the Civil War. Many embrace Our noble history and hardiness, but with the influx of Californians escaping that sinking ship, the light is dimming.
I know that together We can reclaim Our Rights and I will do my best to make this happen and help Us rise up to reclaim Our position as Free People.
The Battle never ends, so time to take point and help find those lost and wanting a hand to help stand as Free Nevadans against, only together can we prevail.

So Hello Forum and thank you for creating a place for Us lost Patriots of a forgotten Republic long asleep.
Have a Great Day make it a memorable one.
Paul F

Shelley Veritas
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Re: Just saying Hello

Post by Shelley Veritas »

If no one from your state is speaking up on the national call on Thursdays, let's hear you!

Greetings and welcome!


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Re: Just saying Hello

Post by sstrykert »

What Shelly said.
-Sean on cali/cgja

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